Former editor of the INSIGHT news paper, Livingstone Pay-Charlie says he finds it very hypocritical that some journalists aligned to the ruling NDC have published a tape recording purporting to contain the voice of Mr. Kofi Adams, spokesperson for former president Jerry John Rawlings having a conversation with Gabby-Asare Otchere Darko, member of the opposition NPP.

In the said tape, Mr. Kofi Adams is alleged to have told the NPP man over the telephone that he ‘will do whatever he can to bring down president Mills and make him a one- term president. Kofi Adams has since denied the voice on the tape is his authentic voice. Mr. Adams was subsequently suspended for three months as deputy general secretary of the NDC at a national executive committee (NEC) meeting pending investigations into the authenticity of the tape recording.

However, the former editor of the INSIGHT and DAILY POST news papers who now publishes the GHANA DAILY news paper, told XFM’S SaCut Amenga-Etego that he is sending a strong warning to the editors behind the publication that ‘I will also soon expose them one-by-one if they don’t desist from scheming to destroy the NDC party. Some of us have decided to keep quiet for now. If we decide to talk, some of them will run out of the NDC because some of them are behaving more than traitors’.

Mr. Pay-charlie who says he has sympathies for the NDC cannot understand why Kobby Fiagbe, editor of the LENS news paper, who himself, according to him, has been wining and dining with elements in the opposition NPP, and who constantly takes money from them to sell sensitive information will accuse anybody of working to bring down president Mills. He further accused NDC elements of giving Woyome judgment debt documents and information to Kennedy Agyapong of the NPP.

‘Who else is working to undermine president Mills other than Kobby Fiagbe and his ilk? Many of the people at the presidency including John Mahama have more NPP than NDC friends’. Livingstone stated without mincing words. He further accused the managing editor of the NEW CRUSADING GUIDE news paper Kwaku Baako jnr. of being a link man who takes money from the NPP to compromise NDC journalists. ‘Some of these same people calling Kofi Adams traitor are greater traitors. Who don’t know they’ve been meeting Kwaku Baako at Cantoments and taking money from the NPP? ‘The decision to suspend Kofi Adams is a useless decision’, He said.

The highly agitated editor said during ‘NEW VOICES’, a political talk show on xfm 95.1 an Accra based private radio station at the weekends that he is also aware that the agenda to diminish the Rawlings factor is getting to a crescendo with reports of self-exiled Sgt. Aloliga Akatapore, a former ally of the NDC founder been brought down into town by elements in the Mills administration for malicious purposes against former president Rawlings. He said, his sources tell him that this former revolutionary is been paired up with some journalists in the country to pursue the anti-Rawlings agenda during the crucial period of the 2012 election campaign but warned that ‘some of us are also prepared to match them boot-for-boot’.

He said, it is impossible to destroy former president Rawlings through the media because, as he put it, ‘RAWLINGS wasn’t made by the media but by the people’. Livingtone Pay-Charlie concluded that even though the dynamics currently seem to favor the opposition NPP, he does foresee Ghanaians making president Mills a one-term president. He therefore asked the president to speed up unity talks with the NDC founder and not allow himself to be misled by some misguided elements within his government.

Story by A.S Denis/XFM 95.1/ACRRA-Ghana


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