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Those Riding On The Elephant Need Not Be Reminded Of The Trials And Tribulations

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?Let?s unite as a party. I have said this before; I would rather be a messenger in a winning party, taking over government, than be a proud General Secretary of a losing party, which would be in opposition.?

The above is a quote from a speech delivered by former President Don Barima JAK at the Ferdinand Ayim Memorial Lectures somewhere in 2009.  I had the occasion to use it in one of my write-ups to you. Like all wise and thought-provoking sayings, it generated a lot of debate among many political pundits in Asomdwekrom. Before I lay bare my views on the subject, please permit me to share a few experiences, I?m sure, would make you appreciate my perspective better.

As growing kids living in mud houses in Niikrom, we used to envy a playmate called Kwamena, who lived in a very beautiful two-storey house with his rich aunt. However, we were surprised to notice that he was usually not as happy as those of us coming from poor homes. We tried in vain to make him spit the cause of his sadness.  One day he didn?t show up for a football match and we decided to check on him.

Of course, we all rushed to Kwamena?s house because we saw it as an opportunity to have a glimpse of the interior of the most beautiful house in our neighbourhood. It would be an understatement to say the beauty of the interior stunned us. It was a very beautiful spectacle to behold. But what surprised us more was the shabby treatment meted out to Kwamena by the aunt and her children. They treated him like a slave. When we met at our rendezvous the following day, he did confess that was the daily dose of treatment he received hence his sullenness and moroseness. He also admitted he would rather live in a mud house and receives motherly and fatherly love, as we had, than live in a beautiful mansion and be treated like a slave.

Abusuapanin, what President Kufuor did during the Ferdinand Ayim Memorial Lectures was nothing but to state the obvious. He only told members of his party what they already knew but were refusing to admit. That is to say, irrespective of one?s position in a party, it was better to be with the winners than be with the losers. They failed to capture power in 2012 because they did not heed his advice.

In fact, those riding on the Elephant need not be reminded of the trials and tribulations they had to endure since they handed over power to the Zu-za administration. President Kufuor denied an office and his entitlements; the car-seizing spree by Gbevlo Lartey?s boys; the travel embargo on Stephen Asamoah-Boateng and the constant harassment by BNI operatives under the guise of investigations; the seizure of toilets by Zu-za foot-soldiers; the imprisonment of three innocent party faithful in the name of justice, the dismissal of some of their members from NADMO, ZOOMLION and other government agencies, are but a few of the tribulations they had to endure since Zu-za assumed power.

Power is very sweet, and members of the Osono family do not need to be told because those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella have amply demonstrated it since they took power in 2009. In case Osono members have forgotten, I would like to refresh their minds on the show of ?krakye? powers by people like Victor Smith and Kobby Acheampong. The implementation of the ?create, loot and share? theory which gave birth to the ?woyomization? saga and the GYEEDA and SUBAH debacles, to mention but a few.

Many people, Yours truly inclusive, may not be admirers of Zu-za. But there is one thing about them that one cannot help but admire. They always strive to forget their differences and rally behind their leader when it comes to elections. Even after two losses, they still rallied behind Agya Ofuntuo to wrestle power from Osono at the third attempt and they are all now enjoying the fruit of their sacrifice.

But what are we hearing now from the Osono camp? All manner of names are being bandied around as possible contenders for the flagbearership position. Some of them hide behind the promulgation of theories to castigate the man with the brightest chance of winning power from those under the Umbrella. It?s a sad spectacle, isn?t it?

It is my wish, and indeed the wish of many Asomdwekromanians, to see Osono regain power, and pronto. However, the party has so many ambitious persons who are just unwilling to make any sacrifice for the good of the party. Or is it the case that some of them are just hell-bent on muddying the waters for Nana Addo?

With the JDM government demonstrating gross incompetence in governance, any objective person would agree that Osono?s best chance of reclaiming the most coveted presidential seat is for the party to unite behind Nana Addo; and all those making the ugly noises know it.

I would be very surprised if the noise makers allow Nana Addo to go unopposed. They did not heed good counsel in 2010. They contested Nana Addo and lost miserably. It is likely they would contest again, and I can bet my last cowry that they would lose miserably again.

I once said this and I would repeat it here. Osono would be deluding itself if it thinks competitive internal election, which most times causes acrimony and rancour among followers, is the only yardstick by which a party can be said to be democratic. Indeed, competitive internal elections are good. But when the elections become as acrimonious and rancorous as witnessed within the ranks of Osono in recent times, one cannot help but wonder if being a democratic party is all about competitive internal elections.

Genuine lovers of this country are certainly not happy at the way the country is being governed by Mr. Baloney and his charges. Many Asomdwekromanians do love this country very much. It?s therefore not out of place for them to express utter disgust at the unadulterated looting going on in the name of governance. Some are so livid that they could easily be convinced to gleefully support a coup d??tat.

But trust me; they are even more livid at the actions of the Osono. The blame game, bickering, jealousy and petty in-fighting being exhibited by some leading members of the Osono fraternity points clearly to the fact that the party is not ready to wrestle power from the Umbrella. They had better start listening to the voice of reason, before the electorate loses confidence in them.

I say and say repeatedly, all members of the Osono family should heed JAK?s call for unity and sacrifice because, ?when the he-goat that does not heed good counsel finds the butcher?s knife at his neck, his only cry is TRAGEDY.?

See you next week for another konkonsa, Deo volente!


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