Disney/Marvel?s next superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World just came on tracking Thursday morning three weeks from release. The great news is that it?s showing very strong four-quadrant ?awareness? across the board building on the May 2011 original?s $65.7M opening weekend.
And the good news is that it?s bringing in more ?definite interest? and ?first choice? among young and older females. But the bad news is that its projected opening weekend gross of $75M is nowhere near Iron Man 2?s $128.1M opening weekend in May 2010.
?The Avengers ?halo? effect is still working for these Marvel properties but not for, say, Wolverine,? a rival studio explains.
Specifically, Thor still has its solid fanbase but also expanded its demographics. ?Awareness? across the board is between 75 and 80 for every quadrant. ?Definite Interest? is 59 –  and only about 2 to 3 movies a year come on that high ? showing great among males and good for females.
The fact that it?s able to target young females is somewhat unique for a superhero movie and no doubt due to star Chris Hemsworth as the pic?s eye candy.
Finally, ?First Choice? has a strong 18% even for older females which demonstrates that moms want to take the kids. But Thor 2 still is no Iron Man 2.


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