Mrs Victoria Quaidoo
Mrs Victoria Quaidoo

The school started in October 1974 was closed down in 2006.

Mrs Victoria Quaidoo
Mrs Victoria Quaidoo

Patoria is a fusion of Toria’s parent’s Christian names; Patrick, her Dad’s name, the late P.K.K. Quaidoo, and Victoria her Mum’s name, who have both been champions of excellence in education and music.

She told Ghana News Agency in Accra at the weekend that Patoria Legacy Foundation would be supporting programmes and individuals pursuing excellence in education and the arts.

The Founder of the School, Mrs Quaidoo would turn 85 on July 2, and in her honour, a fundraising launch is being planned to re-open the school.

The school was named after the founder’s late father, who had a great involvement in literal education.

The school is located in the ground floor of a storey building overlooking the Madina market in Accra.

Madina is four miles beyond the University of Ghana, Legon, towards the Aburi Hills.

It was a day mixed primary 1-6 school that prepared children to take the Common Entrance Examination to senior high schools.

There was a nursery school and day care centre attached to the school.

The aims were to raise the standard of living to an appreciable level worthy of human souls; to give children a sound basic foundation to qualify them for the secondary schools; to explore and unfold hidden talents; and to give them the adequate moral and physical training needed to stand the challenges of life.

It also helps to train future leaders who can always stick to and uphold the truth and with a good sense of direction lead other generations to higher ideals.

“This school that faithfully served its community for 32 years, making quality education affordable and accessible to all, finally closed its doors in 2006, when the founder was 75 years old and could no longer run the school.

“The reputation of the school was great and merited the street name, Thomas Wood Lane, “Toria said.

Toria is a graduate of St Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, where she pursued Bachelor degrees in psychology and education; and St Francis Xavier University where she acquired a Masters degree in educational administration.

She is married to Dr Kwamena Aidoo who is also in the education field and with three daughters: Esi, Ama and Araba.


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