office palava

Catch the fun and excitement on OFFICE PALAVA  this Tuesday evening on Viasat 1, titled ?Deals?. Raymond?s desire not to pay his staffs leaves them with no other choice than to engage in doing deals, under cutting and over invoicing. Out of the blue, Raymond pays all the arrears due them with interests and further told them that the salary drought was to test their loyalty to the company. Thelma, Pascal and Sika resolves to pay back all the monies they have made from the deals they conducted but Roco disagrees and hinted that actions is dangerous and will lead them into trouble. The three, however maintained their stance and it paid off as a client unexpectedly paid a visit to the office and met Raymond.

?Office Palava? revolves around Raymond (played by Kofi Adjorlolo), a crazy and comical boss whose style of management leaves his staffs confused. The series asks very pertinent work related questions that run through the minds of most employees with a very humorous and fun twist. ?Office Palava? airs on Viasat 1 on Tuesday at 8:30 pm with repeats on Thursday at 12:30 pm. Don?t miss all the drama and craziness of Raymond (Kofi Adjorlolo), Roco (Vincent McCauley), Pascal (Albert Awere Bonney), Thelma (Emefa Adeti ? Ghana?s most Beautiful 2012) and Sika (Magalene Mensah).


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