I have always strived to be the Christian that Christ wished me be ? but I have always resisted the tendency of being held captive by Satanists who claim to be Christian leaders, calling themselves ?Pastors?.
In most of my write-ups on Christianity, I have maintained my incurable penchant against fakes of our time who now see the Christian faith as a commercial entity where illegitimate wealth is generated by them, holding their congregants ? CAPTIVES and forcing them to cough out monitory demands that are requested of them.
How do they detain them? There is no criminal who lacks intelligence. It is with the wit of intellect that he/she plans how to commit the crime and succeeds in its commission.
Lotto forecasters use their wit in manipulating figures to show you a ?2 DIRECT? ?2 SURE? that would be falling from the machine on a particular day. That alone is enough to get a Chief Director in a government ministry, part with a GHC 1,000 as the cost price for the ?2 DIRECT?. The forecaster, therefore, uses the ?gospel? of the lotto paper to fleece his clients with the confidence of a 19th Century War General.
In our time of Pentico/Charismatic spiritual awakening, rogues, who sometimes stage-manage lunatic acts in the guise of being filled with the Holy Spirit in order to put fear in their members, emanates from the intellect the good LORD gave them. But, instead of using this useful gift for the promotion of CHRISTIANITY, they use it to promote SATANITY.
Some of them have so-perfected in their fleecing attitudes and acts to the extent that because their flocks have been intoxicated by what they say, they can never see them being ?NYANSA KRONOS? (intelligent thieves) as we have it in the Akan parlance of Ghana.
Having been able to ?blind-fold? them probably-perpetually from seeing through their ?angelic? criminal activities, their flocks are normally made to steal and corrupt themselves, in order to meet church demands through their fraudulent demands. These tactical robberies then enable the rogue pastors to leave in super affluent lifestyles and when they are challenged they still have the guts to quote the gospels of our good LORD to justify the vulgar opulent basking they have chosen to carry themselves.
Easter is just at the corner and the cities of Accra and Tema are adorned with bill-boards advertising conventions. I know other cities and towns across the country are not left out. Radio and television stations have their electronic shares of adverts. Why these? Because it is a big season to rob the flock!
All that, we are told is for salvation search which will lead to its accomplishment are normally determined by the heaviness of your Cedi/Dollar purse.
The above is a scandalous question of an advert somewhere around Abeka-Lapaz that disturbed my eye-sight when I ?abused? my right by reading it.
I counted this with another question in my independent mind-set: ?Where is heaven and who is the Chief Executive Officer of that so-called investment portfolio? However, the captives of these so-called men of some gods will not still see through their criminal mindsets.
As a matter of concern the criminal activities of most of them is too nauseating for my liking. Sometime back in the early 2000s, the Ghana branch of Winners Chapel was reported by a local radio station Joy-FM, to the effect that the church was ordered by its leader in Nigeria, David Oyadepo, to stash US dollars in vehicle tyres and smuggled to his headquarters in Nigeria.
The local head pastor, having obeyed the command by engaging in the criminal act, later felt that the superior was ?chopping? more than him and, therefore, made a caveat and decided to detain the dollars here in Ghana to also ?chop small?. ?Godman? Oyadepo will not entertain this act of rebellion.
Hell then broke loose in one of their church service days when GOD was forgotten and Lucifer was invited to take control of the service. Satanic praises filled the church auditorium which elicited the free exchange of blows between those who supported the founder of the church and the local pastor. A Joy-FM reporter who had hint of the development and rushed there to cover it was nearly lynched. Yes, these are the? Christians?! The disappointing aspect of this development is that the Ghanaian security agencies never-ever invited the church leadership to question them on money laundering.
Not too long ago, one of these rogues who is founder of the ?Vine-Yard? something-something ministry, went to the United Kingdom and swindled an old British woman of about 200,000 British Pounds under the pretext of exorcising some ?EVIL GIANTS? that had taken possession of her hard-earned money.
He took a payment cheque of about that face value and instead of ?purifying? the cheque, he rather vanished back to Ghana and the old lady after a long wait had to travel to this country, caused his arrest and prosecution which led him to serve a jail term. That was a criminal conviction but the lady was advised to take a civil action to retrieve her money. Readers must be told that Vaglas Kanko (forgive me if I got your name wrong), the criminal in this case was in the United Kingdom on an Evangelical engagement when the old lady got to know him. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, a robbery was exacted on this unfortunate lady.
Despite this scandalous and thievery act, members of his congregation congregated at the court and cursed the prosecutor, the judges and journalists who covered the trial. That is how far they have been held CAPTIVE by these charlatans.
By the way, why should one be robbed by a REVEREND MINISTER when one is not ready to ??INVEST IN HEAVEN??? And since when has God been paying dividends on stolen moneys that are supposedly invested in His Kingdom?
The church has gradually become a ?Property-Owning? entity where anything that must be done to achieve such ambitions must be embarked upon. ?Holy porridge?, Holy? powder?, ?Holy fan? (hand-made paper fans with embossed photos of the pastors) ?Holy Anointing Water? et ce tera, are sold to the ever gullible congregants who patronize them in excitement.
These pastors, having succeeded in robbing the poor in the name of GOD of their last pesewas which make them poorer than ever ? and with the promise that they will enjoy the dividends in heaven, then proceed to build wealth empires for themselves and families. When they are told that they are stealing from the congregation, one of them, very renowned, was gutful to have yelled in a radio sermon that they hardly put their hands in the pockets of their members to take money ? members give out voluntarily.
But that is the ?Nyansa Krono? the Akans have been talking about, or better still ? 419 as is known in the Nigerian/Ghanaian parlance. What he has consciously refused to admit is that they frighten their members to give out whatever they have because ??it is by giving that you will be given in abundance?? as one of them was heard telling his church members on radio as well. For goodness sake who will resist this message?
Again, they tell them that what you have is what God has blessed you with and if you don?t part with a fraction of what He has given you, He can reclaim what you already have. Is this not intimidating enough to get a gullible mindset to make an offering to a man instead of GOD? This is what I consider to be ?INTIMIDATING TO WIN? ? USING THE NAME OF GOD.
Every day of the week has a church activity taking place in almost all the churches and in all of them money is collected. Most of the churches are owned by the individual pastors who own properties and keep adding more, using proceeds of the church collections in their names.
A few years back two of these criminal or the 419 pastors engaged in radio confrontations, showing how wealthy one was beyond the other. Their language was so vulgar for my liking enabling me to ask why people follow these lunatics of Christian leadership.
However, the good LORD fore-knew them well when he said in Mathew chapter 15: 8-9 ?These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men?. And indeed ? so they are!

Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi
[email protected]


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