Joining Tinny In Celebrating His Birthday

Aletse Tinny will celebrate his birthday?this Saturday?at club 45(former excel night club near Nyarho clinic in the airport residential area) and has promised to make enough time with his fans whom he has missed for quite some time now.

I missed my fans for quite some time now and I will be looking forward in anticipation to come face to face with them?on Saturday?and get interactive as well and take photos with them on the Red carpet.

I need no one to tell me that they missed me too because, when you check the download volume on all the singles I have being releasing from ?me love you to check your self and one corner?. It really tells you how much they have missed me Tinny added.

When quizzed by SpyGhana about why he is throwing a party this year he said, it?s all part of the new branding and the new Tinny they will be seeing henceforth.

I am under a new management now and as such most of the things my fans knew me for will be changing from good to better and even best. Yet still I will still remain the sexy tinny they all knew me to be from day one.


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