This can happen anywhere, and one occurred not long ago around here.?China is building very fast and Engineering jobs must be quality inspected for long term durability. Building highways that turn into potholes in 2 years as I saw in Ghana between 1990-1992 is a nightmare and waste of money that must have criminal penalty attached if the contractors were found not to have followed specifications, or for the officials who did not specify the kind of road they wanted.


The one thing about America is the legal responsibility that goes with work. Lawyers, as much as many may not like them, are quick to jump in to sue for customers who suffer damages! During a San Mateo gas rupture that caused damage in one of our local towns and districts, San Mateo county, 2 years ago, Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E, the giant utility company that provides over 10 million people with their electricity and gas for cooking and heating, has been found negligent after investigations on the aging 30 year old pipelines!! Can you believe that after 30 years they are still responsible.


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