….and Ghana Food Makes Her Want To Throw Up

An ignorant and arrogant girl from the United States called Nichole while on a visit to Ghana made a video about her journey. She ignorantly made some unfounded assertions about motherland in this video which she uploaded on YouTube. This isn’t celebrity news, nonetheless it is entertainment if you have followed the furore it has created on YouTube.

Three issues that I picked up from her statements in videos that I will like to share with you are as follows.

Firstly, she talked about “nunu” scent of Ghanaian men. I’m not saying every man in Ghana smells nice considering that I have had some unpleasant encounters with various Trotro mates before. But to generalise and say Ghanaian men stinks is just being stupid and ignorant. How many people are not aware of how bad some AKATA girls smell? They do not even bath with sponges or anything…

The second thing I picked up on was her view about how clean the hotel was and to quote her “is clean for Africa”. I mean are u that ignorant that you assume every place in Africa is dirty? We all know that not everywhere in the USA is clean and anybody that has been to downtown New Jersey and other places will bear witness.

Her comment about our food goes a long way to show how arrogant and uninformed people can be. She said our food make her want to throw up. I mean I don’t know what food she was talking about but I know for sure that it can’t be our banku and fish, Jollof, Ampesi, Fufu and any soup or Kenkey and fish. I can go on and on about how tasteful and delicious our food is, but that just makes me crave for food.

She made several unintelligent comments but my favourite ignorant statement from her is “they listen to Beyonce y’all” as if she went to some other planets and we are aliens.

Many Ghanaians who seem to have been offended have responded to her videos. See below for the funniest and the best responses I could find.

As the guy from the funniest video said Ghanaian witches don’t act when you need them…“maybe you just talk too much but sometimes you just need to shut the f**k up”.

Nichole’s Videos

Best Response 

Funniest Responses


( A lot swear words in this video so +18 only)

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