South-2-NorthAl Jazeera?s new African talk show host Redi Tlhabi chats to YouTube celebrity Vicus Visser; Michael Jackson impersonator Kenny Wizz; and motivational speaker Nicky Abdinor.

This Friday on Al Jazeera?s new global talk show?South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi discusses fame with three people who have found it in very different ways.

A video of then ten-year-old Vicus Visser singing and playing the guitar went viral on YouTube in 2010, resulting in a talent scout from Sony?s Epic Records label initiating a world-wide search to find the charming young boy with the golden voice, who has been dubbed ?the Bieber from Bloem.? After a host of offers from major international record labels, Vicus signed to David Gresham Records in South Africa.?

Redi chats to Vicus, now 17, and his brother Vincent (19), just before they jet off to Washington, DC to perform?at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where they represented South Africa in a Black History Month tribute concert to Nelson Mandela and Dr Martin Luther King Junior.

Joining them in studio is American Kenny Wizz, who has dedicated his life to impersonating one of the most famous musicians of all time, Michael Jackson. Kenny explains why he loves what he does and how people react to him since Jackson?s death. He also has some words of wisdom for Vicus and Vincent.

Finally Redi chats to Nicky Abdinor, a clinical psychologist with an incredible story of her own. Nicky was born without arms and has used her experiences to help others through her work and as a motivational speaker. Redi talks to Nicky about the challenges she faces and get?s her take on the trappings of fame.

This week?s episode of?South 2 North?premieres on Friday at 19:30 GMT and screens Saturday at 14h30, Sunday 04h30 and Monday 08h30.

For more information, visit?, where all episodes are available to watch online.

Source:?Kevin Kriedemann


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