img_9764I am in a whatsapp group made of boys I was in the same house with back in Presec.
One of them spotted a mate of mine who seems to have gone mad.
Though stubborn, he was one of the funny chaps back in school and it was always entertaining have him around. He was a pretty smart dude too.
He now roams aimlessly on the streets of Accra.
I looked at his photo and read the sad comments of my colleagues and it has totally ruined my day.
We take life and sanity and family and good friends and upbringing and God for granted.
We allow some of the negative influences that surround us to swallow us. Often, some of the guys that drag us along and indulge in negative behaviour are not the worse off. We follow blindly and end of the day become the biggest losers.
Chale, let’s watch it guys. Be the positive influence. Not the negative one who drags others into trouble and intricately pull yourself out leaving your ‘friends’ alone and messed up.
I hope I have made sense.
Story by Kwame Gyan


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