President John Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) have committed a great crime against the nation and people of Ghana. They have committed what can only be described as high treason and a coup d?etat with the active help and connivance of the Electoral Commissioner! It is the grand larceny of politicking!

A breakdown of tally sheets compiled by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the various polling stations as against the constituency figures presented by the regional offices of the EC to the people assembled at the strongroom of the EC in Accra, and subsequently certified by the ubiquitous Kwadwo Afari Gyan as certified true results, would leave many Ghanaians bug-eyed in shock and fighting for breathe!

This newspaper can reveal that in just ten constituencies, Dr. Afari Gyan and his officials at the EC gave John Dramani Mahama over fifty thousand votes (51,325 votes!). Striking national averages with that figure over 275 constituencies, John Mahama may have benefitted from what can only be described as the grand larceny of politicking. He may have stolen as much as 1.4 million votes!

But whilst he was stealing votes and denying Ghanaians the mandate, John Mahama was also actively stealing the votes and pulling the wind out of the sales of his principal opponent, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The same data, the compilation of which is likely to be completed before the end of the week, shows that in just two constituencies, the EC officials and John Dramani Mahama fleeced Nana off nearly three thousand five hundred votes (3,478 votes!). Striking national averages, Akufo Addo may have suffered from having as many as 470, 000 thousand votes deleted from votes that he legitimately earned!

The cruelty and heartlessness with which the fraud has been perpetrated would surely leave many Ghanaians breathless!

This newspaper can reveal that for instance in Tamale South, John Dramani Mahama (JDM) polled 37,832 votes, but what the EC told the world was that he had earned 53,536 votes! The difference is 15,704 created out of thin air by the ?add and drop? artists hired by John Mahama.

At Lower Manya Krobo, JDM recorded an actual vote of 23,520, but had the figure 30,183 recorded in his name. The difference created out of thin air is 6663.

At Techiman North, JDM received actual votes of 10,519 but had 16,329 votes placed against his name. Votes created out of thing air are 5,810.

Yilo Krobo JDM recorded 21,772 in actual votes, but had the figure 29,300 recordeD in his name. The difference from which he benefitted is 7,528 votes.

At Akropong constituency, John Mahama got actual votes of 9,638 votes, but the figure 15, 389 was what was recorded for him. That meant that he had an excess vote of 5,751 votes, created out of thin air!

At Berekum West, the actual vote was 7,823 votes cast for JDM, but his Merlins gave him 9.091. The excess votes from thin air were 1,268.

At Kintampo South, JDM got 12,890 votes in actuality, but had Afari Gyan and his wizards crediting him with 16,488 votes. The balance JDM received as ?bonus? for paying huge judgment debts to EC officials was 3,598.

At Upper West Akyem, JDM received actual votes of 15,540, but had 19,128 votes being recorded by Afari Gyan and friends (consultants extraordinaire). The ?joyful? votes on that one were 3588.

At Mpohor, JDM recorded 7,550, whist EC officially released the figure of 7955. The balance that fell from the sky was 405 votes.

At Yendi,JDM recorded 20, 658 votes cast for him in actual terms, but the figure of 21,668 was what was released by the EC. JDM thus benefitted from 1,010 votes he never worked for.

Put together, in just ten constituencies, the total figure totaled a frightening 51,325 votes, far larger than the number of votes recorded by many constituencies in Ghana as total votes!

But that was not the whole story. Whilst Afari Gyan and officials of the EC were creating votes for John Mahama, they were also stealing votes from Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

At Berekum West Constituency, Nana recorded actual votes cast of 10, 539, but what was announced by the EC was 7,750, meaning Nana lost 2,789 votes! At Yendi, Nana recorded 27, 678 votes, but had the figure 26, 989 put against his name, robbing him off a valuable 689 votes he had earned!

With all this, it is no wonder that JDM says that he is grateful to God!




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