You will recall that, before the Grammys, CBS sent out a schoolmarm-ish memo forbidding female guests from exposing their bodies with revealing outfits. No ?buttocks and buttock crack? allowed, no ?bare sides or under curvature of the breasts,? and definitely no ?female breast nipples.? Most complied, but some ladies either ignored the mandate or found cunning ways to show off maximum skin without technically breaking the rules.

Rihanna?s ravishing red gown revealed quite a bit but only when the light hit it just right. And J.Lo?s leg slit went as far as censors would allow, prompting her to joke during the show, ?Yes I read the memo!? Check out some of the sexiest looks that ignored the fashion ban in the gallery above.


grammy dress code

Katy Perry

grammy dress code

Skylar Grey


Kelly Rowland

Natasha Bedingfield


Jennifer Lopez

Alicia Keys


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