Before I became computer savvy, I asked myself if one can truly find a true friend via the internet. And for years, my answer had always been ?no.?  There was MySpace, which teenagers mostly used, then Facebook, which attracted all ages.

An old friend from high school told me that most of the old students of St. Mary?s Secondary School at Korle Gonno were on Facebook, so I should join.  She persuaded me for a while until I finally joined in the summer of 2009.

Indeed, it was a life changing experience. Within weeks, I had several request from my former high school friends who seemed thrilled to see me finally come around to being a part of Facebook. Through Facebook, I have been able to make contacts with old friends as far back as primary school (Field Engineers Primary) at Teshie camp.  I have been able to exchange phone numbers with some, so we can talk every now and then.

Ok, so all these friends are people I already knew from primary and secondary school, so it?s no big deal meeting them on Facebook.

But I have also met true and genuine friends on Facebook that I didn?t previously know from anywhere.  Since joining Facebook in 2009, I have met very decent, true, and genuine friends.  I met the current journalist of the year via Facebook, and he actually came to my house to visit me when I went to Ghana last year after I called him upon my arrival. 

I met the current director of GBC via Facebook, and my sister also met a staff of Joy FM via Facebook.   I also met the man who is cutting blocks for a project I have going on in Ghana on Facebook.  I have decided not to mention the names of my friends to protect their identity.  We have actually seen these people, and they have become true friends.  I recently had a party, and my mc was from Facebook.

I don?t encourage my children and will not encourage anyone to make friends on the internet. If you choose to make friends on the internet, then you should NEVER meet them while alone in secluded areas.  That can be deadly and dangerous.  If you make a friend on Facebook, meet that person in a public place, and once you get to meet him/her, take the time to find out if that person is really who he/she says he/she is.

Be your own private investigator if you truly want to keep a friendship with someone you met online.  You have to protect yourself because on one will. Technology is a blessing and a curse to mankind.  It is a blessing in so many ways than it is a curse.

Only a handful of people misuse the internet to kill, steal, rape, or to destroy others.  Majority of the world use the internet for great causes such as to learn, acquire wealth, earn a living, and build strong friendships.  Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages; you just have to play it safe!

What has your friendship experience be online? Have you met any true friend via the internet?

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