Ghanaian Movie Stars
Ghanaian Movie Stars

The Chief Executive Officer of the Philmtools Media Limited, Daniel Kofi Ewusie, who is also the executive producer of ?James Town Fisherman?, a television series, yesterday disclosed that plans are far advanced for his outfit to release a number of television series for television viewers by the close of the year.

Ghanaian Movie Stars

He told BEATWAVES in an interview that after a careful study of the movie industry in Ghana, he believes that there is a lot to be done, and as part of his effort to put the industry into the limelight, he has come out with a television series titled ?James Town Fisherman?, which is being televised on Viasat I.

?James Town Fisherman is a ground-breaking television series which focuses on the daily life of an energetic fisherman of James Town, Nii Lampado and his family. The acting is explosive. It is an amazing comedy series. You will not forget it in a millennium. James Town Fisherman TV series has come to say,? the CEO pointed out.

It features stars such as Psalm Adjetefio, as Nii Lampado, Beatrice Chinery (MilikiMicool) of ?Kejetia? fame as Maa Fante, Bismark Odoi as Sebe, Fatima Bintu Ali as Asibi of ?Thursday Theatre? fame, De-Souza as Togbe Kuntu, Samantha Zibo as Akweley, among others.

Kofi Ewusie, who believes that the television series would break barriers and make a fortune on the market, disclosed that he is currently in meetings with investors to release a number of comedy series next year.

He told BEATWAVES that it has always been his dream to produce comedy series and after getting the opportunity to acquaint himself with movie industry, he decided to give his production dream a test.

Throwing more light on the television series, Kofi Ewusie disclosed that Nii Lampado?s vision in ?James Town Fisherman? was to have his two children, Sebe and Akweley educated in order to become useful citizens in future. He was, however, disappointed when his only male child, Sebe became a school dropout. Akweley took her education seriously and made it to one of the tertiary institutions in the country.

The father tried all avenues to get his son educated but failed because he did to get the support from his wife, Maa Fante.

By George Clifford Owusu ([email protected])


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