Third World War

Third World War

It seems more likely that the Third World War WWIII will be a triggered sooner than expected and at any time between the major financial capitals against the rest of the World or the other way around.

The deep crises in Europe; the Middle East; Africa; and South America are going to create wide and strong alliance. The people of France; Spain; Greece; Ireland; Iceland; Italy; Portugal are discovering the evil project that is called the European Union Austerity. The international banking mafia are looting their national resources and dumping them in so-called sovereign debts to take over their governments in order to buy their economies for a song.
The BRICS group of Brazil; Russia; India; China; and South Africa are going to lead the world against BIGS. They will cooperate with and involve numerous countries with deep grievances and with long histories of exploitation from BIGS like France; Iran; North Korea; Pakistan; and many Asian; African; American and Arab states (with the exception of few puppet states).

The BIGS cannot and shall not choose to change their unsustainable and globally damaging ways of businesses. The only alternative left for the world is to be prepared for the coming World War III or otherwise perish.

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