Mr Nicholas A. Gbeckor-Kove, a retired Director of the Ghana Meteorological Services Department, has said he is not the same person published in the media as wanted by the police for fraud

The statement copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Ho said that person could be fraudulently using documents in baggage stolen at the Accra Airport while travelling to Geneva years ago.


In the publication, emanating from the Police on January 5, the said fraudster?s name was given as Nicholas Akoto Gbeckor-Kove.

?The publication produced an image of the said Gbeokor-Kove that certainly is not my image? the statement said.

?I, Nicholas Akoto Gbeckor-Kove, native of Anyako in the Volta Region wish the reading public to know that the wanted fraudster is not me?.

The statement said whilst the notice put forth by the Police indicated that the alleged fraudster hails from Jasikan, ?I am from Anyako and have no relationship or connection with anybody from or in Jasikan?.

Mr Gbeckor-Kove, who was Director of the Metrological Services Department, recalled a similar publication emanating from the police was published on November 13, 2013.

?Based on that earlier publication I went with my wife to the Greater-Accra Regional Criminal Investigation Department to complain.

?I was told I was not the person being sought and after interactions with the Police later, I wrote a full report to the Police on the circumstances leading to the loss of my documents,? he stated.

Mr Gbeckor-Kove said ?it feels rather painful to live with the suspicion that somebody in Ghana has been in possession of the file in my lost baggage and has been using the information in them for his own purposes.?



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