THE IDEAL vagina

Not the kind of perfume one may expect to see in the system but DALLAS has provided the almost genuine vagina scent of an average vagina.

Vulva Original is the perfume that smells like a vagina (With a name like that, it had better). Is this a good idea? I can?t tell. In theory it could be a good idea, but is it really a good idea?

DALLAS ? A new scent claims to accurately capture the ?the vaginal scent of a beautiful woman.?

Vulva Original bills itself not as a perfume, but an erotic feminine scent designed to offer pleasure and arousal by smelling it.

It is not clear what compromises the concoction but it is advertised as being a ?slightly yellow, desirable substance? that contains ?more organic content.?

Users are urged to apply it to certain areas of the body via a roll-on applicator.The product, apparently available only online via its official Web site, sells for about $33.

The site is peppered with provocative photos and opens with a video depicting a woman working out on a stationary exercise bike.


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