VIPby?Golda Addo

You dey break my heart

You dey break my heart
You dey make my pikin dey suffer
You dey make Africa dey suffer
You no fit tell me say you nor know wetin you dey do me!
Your lies! ?broken promises!
Vagabond(s) in power!
(repeat the last line till you die)
The above lyrics come from a song culled from Nneka?s song ?VIP?. ?A song inspired by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti the legendary Nigerian musician and icon (politically and culturally).
Most of the time,?VIP?is applied to the diplomats and politicians in a country. In Africa, where they thrive on ego and self-grandiosity,?VIP?is applied to their everything; not only the airport lounge they enjoy on their sojourns in and out of the country they claim to be serving, but are actually screwing over backwards. And it is in this very Africa that we will strip them of that self-judicious title and append VAGABONDS in its place. Yes.
You politicians conniving singularly and in bulk to DESTROY this country and MENTALLY MADDEN its good people should beware! We will no longer sit down and watch you eat up the ground from beneath us and still clamour for more. Who taught you that this is how gluttony is done? Who taught you that this is how to be foolish? You have surpassed even your own evil inspirations and gone too far. Sure, you might look down the road and feel you have farther to go! You still see your mother and father there , abi? Go and deprive them too of their sanity and livelihoods and futures too. Go on!
Why on earth would you look people who are already struggling to shove their last piece of bread into your mouth then tell them to find butter and put on it? Is that how you were taught to milk a cow dry? There is a critical mass coming. ?And when I say critical mass, it is more of the ?critical? than the ?mass?. Let not your self-confidence play you the wrong track of advice this time. There is much at play, and you will not know what hit you when it does, because it will not come in the ways you expect it or in the form. But it is on the way, and it has all your names on it. I tell you, it does.
This is Africa?s day of shame. Utter shame and nonsense, this day. You have more suffering coming for us, we know. What can we say? We looked into your eyes and we voted all of you into power ? majority and minority both. What we did not know was that we were staring dreamily into your contact lenses and not your eyes ?proper?. Our bad, dude. We live and learn.
Some 100s of years ago, some Marie Antoinette lady was ruling France, and doing this very same thing you people are doing. As for her, she even saw the ending, where the people starved to death around her, because all they had, ended up in her palace, by order; even their food. When her officers told her that the people who were working to make her life comfortable were now dying away, she got alarmed and royally declared, ?Let them eat cake.?
I believe that it was the Mahama Ayariga who informed her that even common bread [insert all the names of your local and cheap breads here] was a problem; first there was no money to buy, and even if there was, there were no ingredients to bake it ? MUCH MORE for them to find CAKE to eat! Haba! Let them eat cake! I thought this story was fantastically hilarious until I looked around and realized that President Mahama (this time the John, not the Ayariga) has just ordered us to ?eat cake?!
Ei, God. It is wonderful here in your country Ghana. It reminds me of this document I am currently reading ? ?The Prince? by Niccol? di Bernardo dei Machiavell.
This Italian man lived from the 1460s to 1540s, but what he wrote in ?The Prince? about political power and the means to achieving it was so disturbing that governments, countries, and churches spent centuries banning and denouncing the book. If you have heard someone being insulted as Machiavellian, or been diagnosed by your psychiatrist as having one of the 3 dark personality syndromes called Machiavellianism, then you know what you?re looking at. Have you heard of such maxims and beliefs as:?The end justifies the means?
Violence may be necessary for the successful stabilisation of power and introduction of new legal institutions? Force may be used to eliminate political rivals, to coerce resistant populations, and to purge the community of other men strong enough of character to rule, who will inevitably attempt to replace the ruler?
Then you have a fair idea of what the tip of the iceberg that makes ?The Prince? looks like. And a fair idea of what your politicians and leaders in political power and representation look like.


I doff my hat to you all. I have never seen this level of ?vagabondry? since I was born. But a new day is coming, and I?d watch out, change attitude, or hitch a ride out of ?town if I were you. The airport has a special lounge with your name labeled on it. ?VIPs only?.



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