As Liberian Culture grows deep with some devilish acts, the lives of our young people are my concern. Young people in Liberia wonder why death continues to rear its ugly head against them. I respond to this question by saying the older ones have managed their lives well. So, they lived a longer life, but most of our young people are getting themselves trapped in diabolical acts and consequently some have refused to be partakers in the developmental drive of our society. Thus, the cause of their death can be attributed to few things: Jealousy, Alcoholism, drugging, etc.

Survey shows 75℅ of the young people in Liberia are involved in drug, while some are in extreme alcoholic activities, posing a serious obstacle to the bright future of young people this government promised to tackle before its tenure ends.

Speaking as young person with an inquiring and conscious mind, I’m using my pen to encourage our young mighty minds, that we can move this sweet land forward as compared to Washington D.C. and other cities. I disagreed with the old notion, that my dream of Liberia being one of the oldest shinning stories in Africa will be a nightmare. I refused to accept that this country with so much potential will continue to remain in dungeon of poverty, ignorance and backwardness. No! I reject the prediction that our country will be placed in the negative museum of history.

With such a conscious mind, I will enlighten you on a story of a native man who traversed odds and surmounted challenges to achieve his targets in Life. The story is enthralling, because it refutes the myth that one’s destiny is determined by the doomsday prognosis of naysayers and pessimists. Instead, it confirms; when one is focused to achieve his/her targets, there can be no shortage of reaching it.

Although he met his untimely death, his story is still inspiring and motivating. So, it important that it be told to motivate others who are in similar predicament, to rise above the ashes of despair, and lethargy to the height of focus and determination. This young man was born not unto a marital family, but his mother and father were deeply into a relationship that precipitated his existence. He was the smartest and the most envied among his colleagues. Not only his colleagues who could not match his brilliance. Interestingly, he was focused and determined to reach his goals in life amidst the swamp of envies that hovered over him.

Being pressed by his father to get married, he brought a beautiful woman to his father, telling his father that the lady is the person he wants to settle down with, arguing that she serves as a motivation to him. His father obliged, thereby allowing him to marry the woman of his choice.

During his short life, he was known as a man worthy of great intellectual depths and thoughts. He became a victim of propaganda in politics, a situation which attributed to his untimely death. Because he was victim of envy and negative politics, the government which he worked for refused to shoulder responsibility for his medical treatment while he was on sick bed. As a matter of fact, he had medical entitlement as part of his fringe benefit, the news of his demise was broken by the deceitful government.

Life is a set of ambiguity that has no specific dimension. As I have read in books of religious belief, human should live up to 70 or above, that is the blessing given to us by our creator. However, human has set strategies in other to eliminate ourselves from this world.

I would delve into another story of group of men somewhere in Liberia, those men lives ended brusquely, even as I write it still remained a shock. Those young men were four in number that drove from another entertainment center to another after consuming alcohol to a degree. Regrettably during their journey, they had accident ending two lives. One of them whom I knew personally death became a nightmare to me. Also imagine this young man obtained two foreign master degrees at age 26. Relatively our setting will agreed that the young man has achieved a lot, but unpredictably he met his premature death due to the alcohol consumption. We mourn; We mourn, when a life is taken it cannot be returned to this world.

These stories, I have labelled to us youth is not a sign of aphorism to be selfish but one’s life needs to be structured. After so many crisis some of us young people have seen, we don’t want to imagine another in this country of our motherland, a land that remains constant to us all. I have elaborate on few issues that I consider as cardinal to our society especially the alcohol incident I elucidated.

By: Kumba G. Zotaa
Student of Cuttington University
College of Education