Apart from addressing the health concerns of millions of Ghanaians, Vodafone?s multi-award winning health TV show, Healthline also highlights the unsung heroes working to maintain or restore the health of many people in our communities. 

These doctors and other healthcare professionals have dedicated their lives to providing urgent health needs for the communities, very often under extremely difficult financial and logistical circumstances. From often obscure locations in the country, Vodafone?s Healthline has spotlighted and celebrated many of these exemplary personalities who are contributing immeasurably to improving the lives of people in the communities they serve.

These heroes include Dr. Imoro Azumah, a community doctor, philanthropist and Deputy Chief Physician Assistant of Abuakwa Health Centre in the Ashanti region, Mary Bayiriella, a retired nurse from Tumu in the Upper West Region who has dedicated her time and resources to improving the health of the people in her community, 79 year old retired midwife Mary Asamoah from Mankessim in the Central region, who for over 30 years has run the St. Anthony?s Maternity to save the lives of expectant mothers in her community,  and Kwabena Kwandoh who has set up the Benchmark foundation that provides residents of Tema with relevant health information on preventable diseases free of charge.

Driven by burning desires and a passion to help and save humanity, these personalities often abandon the comforts and conveniences of urban life to serve rural communities. They often use their meager financial resources to buy drugs and other medical supplies for patients who cannot afford them.   As was shared by Mary Bayiriella, she sets aside portions of her meager salary so she can buy drugs to treat illnesses like malaria and fever.

For Dr. Imoro, he chose to enter the medical profession because there were no doctors in his area when he was growing up and felt that in personally addressing this issue, he could make a significant contribution to his country. The only Doctor treating the four thousand and more patients that visit his clinic each month, he has worked for the past 17 years to fulfill his dream of making a difference in people?s lives.

In likewise fashion, Mary Asamoah has for the past 30 years, saved hundreds of lives delivering needed healthcare for expectant mothers in her community whilst operating from her wooden-built clinic. Old age has not doused her passion for humanity, as she still nurtures the dream to upgrade the clinic to a more permanent structure that will continue support her community for many years to come.

For Kwabena Kwandoh, he was motivated to start the Benchmark Foundation when his father died from a preventable abnormal heart beat. He decided to use the unfortunate incident to empower the lives of his neighbors by providing health information on ailments that could easily be prevented.

One laudable characteristic and value resonates in each of the stories of these unsung heroes, and that is the value of self-sacrifice and love for humanity.

Vodafone Healthline salutes these and several other people in the country who are serving their communities in all aspects of life. Vodafone Healthline commends them for the selflessness to improve the quality of lives of community members and Ghanaians as a whole.

This week on Healthline, the Doctors focus on skin and nail care, as they share valuable information on how to keep our nails healthy in the treatment room. Vodafone Healthline also looks at the story of Stella who has been suffering from an unusual growth around her left eye. Thanks to Vodafone who bore full costs of surgery and recovery for Stella, she successfully underwent surgery to correct her anomaly.

Vodafone Healthline airs on Sundays on TV3 at 5.00pm, eTV and Top TV at 8.00pm and GTV at 8.30pm, it is then repeated on Wednesdays on Metro TV and Crystal TV at 8.30pm.


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