The Turks are set to increase their activities in the country as a means of supporting the needy and contributing towards the educational development of the country.

This came to light when a two-man delegation from the Galaxy International School, Accra, paid a courtesy call on the DAILY GUIDE recently.

Yusuf Temizkan, General Manager of the Galaxy International, told DAILY GUIDE that Turkish assistance to Ghanaians is not restricted to the Islamic community.

The Galaxy School for instance, he said, is open to all faiths and regardless of ethnic background, disclosing that 390 cows were distributed to the needy during the recent Eid-Ul-Adha festivities in Accra.

The announcement, he pointed out, ?Is not intended to blow our horns about our support to the communities in which we operate but for the sake of records.?

Each year, the Turkish/Ghana Cooperation distributes on behalf of some 10 organisations from Turkey animals for the annual Islamic festival which involves the slaughter of domestic animals.

The animals are distributed with the support of what Yusuf said are reliable members of the community.

Regarding the purchasing of the animals, this is done by representatives of the donors from the sellers, adding that the beef is distributed among both Muslims and Christians.

?We invite the sellers and deal directly with them. This year, 390 cattle were purchased and distributed during the Eid-Ul-Adha festivity,? he said.

Continuing, Yusuf Temizkan said, ?We do not differentiate between faiths and nationalities in our activities. This is clear in Galaxy International School where we have students from 47 countries from different religious backgrounds studying.?

In Yendi, he said they relied on the guidance of Ghana?s envoy to Turkey for the distribution of the beef because of the special circumstances of the town.

The Turkish donors each time Eid-Ul-Adha is due, according to Yusuf Temizkan, are invited to come and witness the distribution not because ?they do not trust us but because we want them to have a look at the exercise.

?We are unable to satisfy the demands of everybody, but we are doing our best under the circumstances.?

Many Ghanaian students are pursuing various levels of higher learning in Turkish tertiary institutions on scholarships provided by that country.

The Kawo Kudi National Mosque project which has added a new feature to Accra?s skyline is being constructed and funded by Turkish organisations.

 By A.R. Gomda


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