?The world we want can only be built on transparency?- Madam Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil at the 15th IACC.

For the Founder, the Founding Leader, the Spiritual Leader, the person whose vision and leadership were the moving forces behind the formation of the NDC to make such revealing statement about the NDC speaks volumes. In the advanced developed democratic democracies; the NDC would have been forced to fold up. The entire leadership would have scuttled to go and hide behind the cover clothes of their wives and girlfriends. The evil old dwarfs with sharp teeth embodied in the infantile and incorrigible bodies of toddlers would ithnot be around plotting devilish evil as to how to adulterate tapes of both religious and secular leaders to support a flattering doomed political course which means nothing to anybody. But this is Africa. The black continent time passed by. The black continent inhabited by people the Almighty created to offer Him entertainment in His moments of sorrow and grief. This is the black continent which has produced leaders who know no shame.

How can any presidential candidate or the leadership of such party which has been so discredited by its own First Citizen still go on the political platform to campaign for the renewal of its leadership mandate and still have people touting and routing for it. Ignorance is indeed a disease and folly is idiotic.

When President Rawlings was in power, the NDC sold the country to the Malaysians on a silver platter. With President Mills/Mahama in power, the NDC has sold the nation to the Chinese. When President Kufuor?s NPP sold to Vodafone the leftovers of Ghana Telecom (which had earlier been sold to the Malaysians cheaply and bought back from them at an exorbitant amount later) by President Rawlings?s NDC, the NDC promised hell fire to reverse the deal should it come to power. God being so good, the NDC came to power. Not surprisingly, after a high powered delegation of President Mills/Mahama NDC administration had paid a royal visit to Britain, presumably at the invitation of Vodafone, the then Vice-President Mahama and now President Mahama and his Communication Minister, Mr. Haruna Iddrissu, personally graced the occasion as Guest of Honour and Special Guest, during which Vodafone was officially unveiled to the Ghanaian public.

Not long after, the words greedy bastards were added to the political lexicon of the NDC to describe the NDC cadres by President Rawlings. This was a clear case of the fish coming out of the river to tell you that the crocodile was dead. When Mr. Martin Amidu started releasing his epistles, particularly about how President Mills was carefully choreographed as a person fit, proper and capable of winning a gold medal in an Olympic 100 metre dash in a record time when for all practical purposes, the truth was that he was only a moving corpse, and allowed himself to be manipulated by the greedy bastards around him for their full benefit,  the full story of the rot, the canker of massive corruption within the President Mills/Mahama NDC administration became public. It makes me remember a tragic story of a book I read years back: ?The Story of Esther Costello? written by a popular writer by name Nicholas Monsarrat.

?The Story of Esther Costello?   is a 1957 British drama film starring Joan Crawford, Rossano Brazzi, and Heather Sears (who won a BAFTA Award as ?Best British Actress? for her performance). The film is an expos? of large-scale fundraising. ?The Story of Esther Costello? was produced by David Miller and Jack Clayton, with Miller directing. The screenplay by Charles Kaufman was based on the novel by Nicholas Monsarrat. It was distributed by Columbia Pictures. With her marriage to womaniser Carlo Landi (Brazzi) in ashes, wealthy and childless Margaret Landi (Crawford) finds an emotional outlet in patronising a 15-year-old deaf, dumb, and blind Irish girl named Esther Costello (Sears). Esther?s disabilities are the result of a childhood trauma and are psychosomatic rather than physical.

As Costello makes progress with Braille and sign language, she is seen as an example of triumph over adversity. Carlo gets wind of Margaret?s new life and re-enters the scene. He views Esther as a source of cheap financial gain and arranges a series of exploitative tours for her under a mercenary manager (Ron Randell). One day when Margaret is absent from the Landi apartment, Carlo seduces and rapes the now 16-year-old Esther. The shock restores the girl?s sight and hearing. When Margaret learns of her husband?s business duplicities and the rape, she consigns Esther to the care of a priest and a young reporter who loves her (Lee Patterson), then kills Carlo and herself.

The novel focuses mainly on the falsehoods behind large-scale charities and the self-serving natures of those involved. When Esther recovers her sight and hearing, her promoters worry that this will put an end to the Costello Fund. They convince her that the rape was her fault, and that to reveal that she is healed would bring shame and ruin to Margaret. She is actually coached to continue acting as deaf-blind, and does so for about a year; however, in that time she makes several slips (some deliberate). Esther?s reporter friend discerns the truth and meets Esther privately, whereupon she tells him everything. He plans to write up the story, then take Esther away and marry her. But as he returns to the newspaper office, word comes to him that Esther has suddenly died. When he confronts Margaret she reveals nothing, and continues the charade. The story can never be printed because it will smear Esther?s name and disillusion the people who believe in the charity and its message of hope. The novel closes with Margaret giving an impassioned speech at a convention, as millions of attendees open their wallets.

Note the parallel between the events leading to and after the death of President Mills. Up till now, the country has never been told how, why, where and what killed President Mills.  Sadly enough, unlike ?The Story of Esther Costello?, the greedy bastards who consigned President Mills to his early grave are enjoying their fruits of labour and campaigning for higher offices. How can the people of this country entrust the affairs of the nation to such blood thirsty old evil dwarfs with sharp teeth in the body of greedy bastards. The President Mahama NDC administration is using all sorts of inferior communist guerrilla tactics to retain power.  President Mahama?s NDC administration has renounced NPP?s free SHS education but has failed to renounce free SHS education for the people of the northern extraction which he himself and the entire people from the north in his party enjoyed. President Mahama?s NDC administration is saying that there can never be free education where there are no qualitative infrastructures. If free SHS is bad, why is it that President Mahama?s NDC administration has not abolished it in the northern parts of the country the way the NDC administration abolished the four-year SHS scheme?

Has anybody noted the greatest deception of this current political campaign era? When the university in Ho was recently inaugurated, not a single picture of a single infrastructure appeared in either the print or electronic media. Only pictures of people present at the ceremony were displaced. Apparently, the university was inaugurated in what appeared to be a hen coop. The Vice-Chancellor in his welcome addressed alluded to the lack of science laboratories. How can you train doctors in President Mahama?s garage? This is what is happening at the newly opened university at Ho, making a complete mockery of President Mahama?s NDC administration?s educational policy.

The time has come for the good people of this country to realise that the NDC has taken them for a ride for too long. The founder and Godfather who created that evil empire has repented. Why are the latter day saints who do not know the history lapping up the vomit of the founder and Godfather? On Friday, December 7, 2012, all the good people of this country should rise up in unison and vote out and get rid, forever, of all the evil caricature of the NDC and its roots which have held the whole country to ransom for twenty three years

Eternal vigilance on the part of everybody is the only armour against all the evil plans of the NDC.  For once, we should all adopt the clarion call of the Jehovah Witness religious group which has been adopted by Dr. Paa.Kwesi Nduom?s PPP ? AWAKE! THE TIME TO END IMPUNITY IS HERE ? DON?T LET THE NDC GET AWAY WITH IT

By Kwame Gyasi


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