A larger percentage of Ghanaians would prefer the fufu process by the mortar and pestle, than the fufu making machine.

According to them, fufu processed with machine does not possess the quality taste as compared to the traditional way of pounding fufu.

The traditional ways of pounding fufu was the pestle and mortar made out of wood, but now the mechanism has changed, especially with the advent of technology.

Now some Ghanaians at homes, chopbars and restaurants are using the fufu processing machines.

Speaking to various Ghanaians on what they think about the invented fufu machines, few of them preferred the machines, while the majority still preferred or used the traditional method of processing fufu.

A 33-year old cook, at “don’t mind your wife” chop bar in Madina Crossway says, “The fufu processing machine helps us by taking off stress and consumption of time. But our customers complain of the texture and taste of the fufu, so in order to satisfy them, we went back to using the mortar and pestle”.

Speaking to some patrons of “Don’t mind your wife” chop bar, Mr. Kofi Danso a mechanic said, he was a loyal customer, especially in consuming fufu, but now preferred rice balls ‘omotuo’ to fufu, because of the use of the fufu technology.

Another customer, Mr kwabena Ato said, he had no problem with taste, but was concerned about the machine as it might get rusted and contaminate the fufu and called for the use of pestle and mortar.

Maame Atta Agyeiwaa, a cook said, the machine had helped in reducing stress in preparing fufu, unlike pounding for almost an hour before consuming.

But it could be better if the machine was produced with wood to prevent rusting.

Fufu is a popular basic food in West and Central Africa made out of cassava and plantain or only yam.
It is well known as one of Ghanaian delicacy and prepared for at least 30 minutes.

The traditional way of making fufu is by pounding cassava and plantain separately with little water and finally mixing them to produce the dish.

The modern method is to mix the cassava and plantain with a little water in the machine to be processed and ready to consume within some few minutes.


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