The SexTalk Forum
The SexTalk Forum

A forum to discuss various aspects of sex and reproductive health has been scheduled to take place in the evening of Friday, February 15th 2013 at the Kama Conference Center in Accra.

The forum, dubbed The SexTalk Forum will seek to primarily discuss sexually related issues in the open. Sex is one topic that hardly gets spoken about in this part of the world. It is sometimes seen as a taboo topic and people, till this day find it difficult to talk about it. Meanwhile, not being able to talk about some of these issues have brought on a lot of pain and suffering to some people.

Some parents find it extremely difficult to inform their teenage children about sex and some adults seriously do not have enough info at hand, even to enhance their own decisions concerning sex. Quite a number of people have been misinformed altogether. It is quite an alarming situation also, that people who talk openly about their sexualities are deemed to be morally loose people.

This forum will have three speakers who will each talk about different aspects of sex. There will be issues on reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies, sex for pleasure and relationships and partnerships.

The SexTalk Forum will be an avenue to openly discuss sex and to demystify the many myths surrounding it. It will also be for the introduction and education of the various patrons to pregnancy prevention and family planning methods in a relaxed, fun and informal way.

The forum is sponsored by Ipas and supported by Kenzo?s Place. It is an initiative of Kaylers Communications Ltd. Seats is limited. Please call 0244049047 for registration details.

Source:?Kaylers Communications


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