Bangkok as many would know has seen a massive influx of tourists coming in droves from all across the world and the first touch point for them is the Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is a world in itself o many people. The massive structure has been consistently rated as one of the busiest airports of the world. There are 200 which land at the airport every day and that makes the structure a daunting one, indeed. No wonder, it has been given the sobriquet of the “Airport of Smiles”.

The first thing you would notice after coming out of your respective flights is a huge sculpture of “Samudra manthan”, an important incidence from the Hindu mythology. In the ancient times, the gods and demons decided to churn out the sea to settle their issues. They used a huge mountain and wrapped a mighty snake for this incredible churn.

The whole incident was casted into a huge sculpture and placed in the premises of Suvarnabhumi airport. This sculpture ads a mythological feel to the ambience and welcome the visitors on an incredible journey.

My favorite haunt at the airport always has been the King Power duty free store which stocks the best duty free items you can lay your hands on. Thai souvenirs, liquor bottles, junk accessories, perfumes, toiletries and rare chocolates are on display which makes this my circus whenever I land at the Suvarnabhumi. The store gives you infinite options to choose from for your family and friends while you are saying good bye o this amazing land of Thailand.

As an airport always is a symbolic of the footprints of a city’s cuisine on offer, the best bet for the same is Kin Ramen, the authentic Japanese restaurant.

The mutton dumplings here are the best I have had and I hugely recommend a plate of them while at it. The other cuisine I particularly loved was the sushi and rice combos with pork and beef. Kin Ramen has always been a solace to me while I wait for my flights to leave the city.

Just across Kin Ramen is another buffet specialist, Asian Corner, which is a multi-cuisine getaway for curious folks like me. All kinds of cuisine which mark Asian gastronomic pleasures are on offers which include Chinese spring rolls, Vietnamese beef and Japanese barbeque.

The amazing airport gives a perfect picture of the city to the visitors. Suvarnbhumi airport seems to be saying hello to all the visitors coming out from their flights to Bangkok and bidding adieu to all those leaving the city while reminding them of the time they had in the city and urging them to pay a visit again. 

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