King Ayisoba

After the release of his award winning track, ‘I Want To See You My Father ‘ few years ago, musician King Ayisoba has been off the Ghanaian market but has been vigorously touring the globe with his local guitar, which he calls ‘Kologo’.

The tours have been successful with viral videos of his performances attesting to the success of his shows beyond the shores of Ghana.

King Ayisoba, who doesn’t speak impeccable English, says he owes his success to the spirit behind his local guitar ‘Kologo’.

“When I start playing my Kologo, the spirit will enter into me and with vim I can give people feeling…. spirit dey (is) inside my Kologo. Kologo is not something you learn, it’s a gift you get.

“Music is feeling, if you are good everybody knows that you are good. Outside if they hear my voice …they just dance, happy but they do not understand the music I sing.”

He added that foreign fans shower gifts on him because they simply love his music.

Ayisoba reminisced how he was declared a cripple at age four and after several interventions to make him stand on his feet had failed, he was introduced to the Kologo.

That is a testament that not all sickness need medical attention.

According him, he was healed and started walking within a month of using the Kologo.

Though Ayisoba cited Atongo as another musician who utilizes the Kologo, he claims credit for making Kologo popular around the globe.

King Ayisoba who hails from one of the regions in the northern parts of the country says he detests the noise some artistes call music and referred to Bob Marley and Fela Kuti as his legends.

At 45, Ayisoba intimated that Kojo Antwi, Koo Nimo, Obrafour and Okomfor Kwade are his favourite musicians in Ghana.



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