Every single person observes different routines throughout their day, and everyone has varying foot needs. One might be experiencing more stress in their lower extremities than others, which makes the development of foot pains and fatigue not at all surprising. The Sofsole Airr orthotic insole is among the latest shoe accessories retailed in the market today that promises relief from a number of foot problems. With its revolutionary air capsule design, it is said to maximize comfort during lower extremity exercises and reduce foot discomfort and exhaustion.

But one would come to question what type of Sof Sole product would actually fit their lifestyle, since there are several styles distributed in stores. There?s no doubt the quality and benefits would remain the same throughout, but what type and size would be appropriate?

The Sofsole Airr Performance insole is made for all kinds of shoes and activities, whether it?s biking, running track, walking, and playing sports. They provide reliable cushioning and shock absorption capabilities, so that you won?t ever have to worry about developing sprains of fasciitis. For higher shock-absorbing and cushioning performance, the Athlete Performance insoles is a more preferable choice with its finely constructed air capsule layering and natural foot contour. With a mild heel cup and slightly raised arch, wearers are not only ensured of enhanced protection and comfort, but also breathability.

Third on the list is the Sofsole Arch Performance inserts, with its two layers of encapsulated air.

Though thinner than the Althlete Performance versions, they have a slightly higher arch and a deeper heel cup that provides more support and shock-absorption without compromising comfort and cushioning. The Arch Performance insoles are also breathable and durable like its counterparts. But, they are more ideal for folks who have distinct foot arches and undergo physical activities that require more stability, such as hiking and biking.

To secure better stability for football or baseball, the Sof Sole Stability Performance insoles would be a much better option with its dual-density heel plate and deep heel cup. Not only will it provide gait guidance, but also see to it that you have greater resistance to over-pronation, with the added luxury of comfort. It is lighter than all the other Sol Sof Arch orthotic insoles, which means you will barely feel it in between your foot and the ground. But, this does not take away anything from its capability to give shock-support to the foot when needed. If you just want something to wear with your casual shoes and boots, you can get the Sof Sole Thin Fit Comfort insole, with its integrated gel heel and forefoot pad. For those who just want their feet to be massaged all day, the Sof Sole Massaging Gel insoles would be a smart purchase.

These items cost anywhere between $18 and $25, but the health rewards they contribute are more than enough to compensate the investment. It would be best if you consult retailers on what would most likely fit your lifestyle, so that you can avoid wasting your money on something that you won?t be able to use after all.

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