There are so many different sights of New York City Tours to view. The city not only has many famous historical buildings to see, but also art galleries and shows. It’s important to know which areas of the city you want to see in order to be able to fit in all the sights during your visit.

The New York Times newspaper is what Times Square was actually named after. Times Square is a wonderful place to visit while in the city and a popular sight of several New York City tours. The popularity of Times Square could be from its regular appearance on movies or television shows. It’s also the heart of New York’s Theatre District.

Nowadays hotels, high standing office buildings and businesses all have found a home in and around Times Square. This area is often the focal point of much of the business and financial activity in the city.

Central Park is a popular sight of New York City Tours.

Not only is the park beautiful, but it’s also convenient to get to because of its location. The park also contains the Bethseda Fountain which is located on Bethseda Terrace. The Delacorte Theater is close by and offers many summer plays. There is a restored carousel for children to enjoy and also a small zoo as well.

Another Great Site to See During New York City Tours?

Another great site of New York City tours that many enjoy seeing is the Statue of Liberty. People from all around the world come to see this attraction, as it stands as a symbol of the freedom offered in the United States.

The Statue of Liberty can be admired from afar off in one of the harbors in New York and also can be viewed much closer to get a real view of this majestic structure.

Are There Any Stops at Museums During New York City Tours?

There are several museums in New York City and many times there are tours focused on just visiting them. One of the favorite museum destinations for New York City tours is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This is a large museum that is very diverse in its exhibits. Not only are the exhibits and works of art diverse, but they span from several different times in history. There are European paintings, Egyptian works of art, Asian artwork and so much more for visitors and tourists to view.

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