Whether you are holidaying in the UK, Europe or a far-flung exotic destination you will no doubt want an experience that is both unique and memorable whilst also catering to your exact requirements to make your stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Once you have decided on a destination and booked your flights the next thing you will be looking for is the perfect place to stay.

There are a range of options when it comes to booking accommodation. Some will prefer a budget hostel, others like the familiarity of a multinational chain, some people may like the idea of a bed and breakfast and some simply want the best luxury hotel that money can buy! Whatever your budget there are lots of places to choose from but which one will meet all of the above requirements to make your dream holiday complete?

In recent years we have seen a rising trend in boutique hotels.

Boutique hotels are typically individually run (although many large hotel chains have begun to adopt the style) and generally classed as Boutique according to their unique facilities and themed designs. The movement originated in the US but has now progressed across Europe and to some popular international tourist destinations around the world.

Boutique hotels are often luxury hotels that offer the guest an experience that they will not find anywhere else. This can really add to your overall appreciation of your chosen destination, particularly if the hotel chooses to incorporate local art and traditional interiors, dining and practices.

After all, staying in a worldwide chain offers a familiar surrounding that some people find a safe option but there are no real distinguishing features that place the hotel firmly in its local environment. You could be sleeping in a room in any part of the world. In a boutique hotel you are getting an all-round experience.

As more hotel owners have realised the benefits of adopting their own style and more holidaymakers are choosing to stay in such accommodation the range and choice available is continually increasing. There are even budget boutique hotels and hostels to be found which means you don’t have to blow your budget on a luxury option if you would prefer to save on your accommodation. Whether you are looking for a stunning room with an en-suite bathroom, access to a pool and fine dining restaurant or if you simply want a comfy room in a quirky yet homely environment then a boutique hotel offers the ideal solution.

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