Stefano in his book “The prophet and the wind” has shown the world his experience and skills at writing. The way he has made his points clear with the story of a flute player in his book “The prophet and the wind” is just out of this world. Personally, I have not read a book in my life, which is so rich in meaningful sentences. I am not denying the fact that there might be books with even more depth and unique themes but the richness of meaningful and inspirational content is more than any books that I have read. For example, “You would cease to build high walls which do nothing but darken your shadow, transforming Solitude into desperation.” This line is from the chapter named “Solitude” and it describes solitude in its true form.

The most important point to notice in this book is that all factors, emotions and feelings have been taken very positively and optimistically.

Stefano is constantly making things more meaningful and inspirational for his readers with his style of writing. At the same time, he is advising the young ones and the old fellows to take things positively so they can follow their dreams instead of fearing them.

At one point, Stefano describes the beauty of a feeling albeit dark but at the same time, he describes the need to keep it within limits so we don’t seize ourselves with it and lose the courage to achieve our goals. Have a look at a beautiful line from the same chapter “Solitude”, “But, at the same time, lift up your spirit so that you will not needlessly enlarge this shadow and make it your idol while accusing destiny of what you create for yourself.” See how truly Stefano describes the condition that many of us have felt.

It is not our destiny that deserts us in our lives. It is not the destiny that leaves us alone to suffer the quietness and silence. We are responsible for whatever happens to us and many times, we are intentionally responsible for whatever is happening to us.

Solitude, perfection and love, Stefano has explained all of them in the most optimistic and beautiful way that you have ever experienced. His impeccable use of words to describe the beauty of mental states that we don’t consider good is just amazing. No wonder it is a best seller and millions of people have already become a fan of this book.

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