?The menace of child lab our in our country cannot be over estimated. Child labour is the system where children under 18 years are force to labour either?for monitory or any other material gains.
Over the weekends I was on my usual walk as a journalist just to know what is on and what is not, across the four corners of? the city.

When I got to the onion market popularly known as “Sabola” just close to Agbogbloshie in Accra, children at the age of 12 to 14, were seriously picking rejected onion in the market just to sell?and make a living. Some were also walking in town with their small sacks?picking scrap materials.

And?the question I asked myself as? a Ghanaian was, what is the course of this problem and what can we do as Ghanaians? to resolve it before it gets out of hand?

The information I gathered was that these young children are?coming from Ghana’s arid rural North, who are in the city to work in the bustling cities of the South.

They are paid very little, but nonetheless the work offers them opportunities that they don’t get in their rural villages.

Speaking with pedestrians in an interview some were of the view that the cause of child, labour?in the country is the vicious cycle of poverty rendering parents unable to offer care and financial support to their children.

People then capitalize on this unfortunate?? situation and abuse these children, using them for hard labour, even in sex trade.
However some of these children are not even strong enough to carry?effectively some of the duties assigned them.

Now, the questions many Ghanaians keep asking is, ?What is?Government?doing about this alarming?situation?


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