National Security Boss Lt Col. (rtd) Larry Gbevlo-Lartey

It has come to the attention of the Let My Vote Count Alliance that some persons who identified themselves as being National Security operatives, yesterday, after the order by the Supreme Court for an independent audit of the court?s copy of pink sheets submitted by the petitioners, stormed the Registry of the Judicial Service demanding access to the pink sheets.

But for the sheer acts of bravery displayed by the Registrar and the Judicial Secretary who flatly refused the demands of the National Security operatives, the pink sheets would have been carted away from the registry of the Supreme Court to an unknown destination.

The motives of these National operatives, who are largely under the command of President John Dramani Mahama, the 1st respondent in the presidential election petition, according to reports, was clearly to tamper with evidence ahead of the audit to be conducted by KPMG.

We want to make it clear to National Security that none of its operatives should attempt to tamper with pink sheets, serving as evidence of massive irregularities that ensured that President Mahama was declared winner of the December 2012 elections. Any attempt to tamper with the pinksheets at the registry will not be countenanced. National Security must stay away the pink sheets.

If President Mahama and the NDC, who control these operatives from National Security, believe they were served with no more than 8,000 pink sheets, the presence of these operatives at the Registry of the Supreme Court implies that they want to tamper with the numbers to ensure it conforms to what they claim they were served with.

The love of pink sheets by the security apparatus is not lost on any Ghanaian. During the collation of the pink sheets by the petitioners, a similar raid was conducted by persons from National Security and the Police in an attempt to seize pink sheets and scuttle the evidence gathering process. This was resisted and we want to remind National Security that this latest move will be resisted at all costs.

Ghana has come a long way in our fight for democracy and Ghanaians will not sit quietly and watch a group of persons try, as they did in the December 2012 elections, to subvert the sovereign will of the people.

The Supreme Court and not National Security will determine who the rightfully elected President in Ghana must be.


David Boateng Asante

Spokesperson, LMVCA


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