The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has pledged its support for a national development policy framework proposed by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) that would be launched on August 4.

wpid-wpid-KOFI-PORTUPHY.jpgMr Kofi Portuphy, National Chairman, NDC said although the Party does not totally agree with everything proposed, it would support it because it would be based on data obtained from a national consultation.

He said it is important for the nation to have a national plan that would be abided by all so that there would be continuity and development in the country.

Mr Portuphy made the pledge when members of the NDPC called on the Party?s office in Accra.

He said Ghana as a middle income country needs a change in the attitude and behaviours of its citizens.

He noted that how one behaves makes one responsible, disciplined and a contributor to national development.

?If we want to see sustainable development, the pillar of it should be decentralisation and the government and district assemblies should use mineral resources to develop the nation including the mining towns which have deteriorated,? he said.

Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of the NDC, said the nation is in its current state because Ghanaians have become too partisan towards development planning.

He said among the reasons for which he finds the plan as helpful to the nation is because, huge sums of money have been used for uncompleted state buildings that are totally of no use to the country, simply because of different ideologies in political parties and changes in government.

Mr Asiedu Nketia noted that words of political parties who have come in power usually are; ?Let?s cancel the contract by the previous government and in a way re-instill the same project with our own budget allocated to such initiatives?.

He advised Ghanaians to change their thinking and attitudes when it comes to development, the environment and especially the attitude of condemning people who are disciplinarians.

Mr Lee Okran, Vice Chairman of the NDC said it would be very helpful if Ghanaians could adhere to change of attitudes to be responsible enough to contribute to national development.

Ms Anita De-Soso, Second Vice Chairman of the NDC urged the Commission to consider an opportunity to empower district assemblies to employ youth to reduce the unemployment rates in the country.

?The District Assemblies can also be empowered to demand for payments of small fees from members of the district to be used for minor developmental projects such as repairing of damaged infrastructure such as potholes on roads and construction of public toilet facilities for members in the communities,? she said.

The NDC Executives urged the Commission to include the youth in all its activities so that they would not see the plan as outmoded in years to come.

Dr Nii Moi Thompson, Director General of the Commission said the national consultation would come to an end in October 2016.

He said the Commission would work together with the Town and Country Planning to make the country more structured one by 2057.

He also assured the Party that the Commission would consider every suggestion and contribution of each of the political parties to ensure that the plan lasts.


Image of the Commissioners and Executives of the NDPC


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Economics private sector
GJA sensitises media on private sector

Accra, July 25, GNA ? The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in collaboration with BUSAC Fund, an advocacy group for for the private sector, has organised a media sensitisation workshop to educate journalists about the importance of the private sector.

Dr Affail Monnie, GJA President said the workshop was organised because journalists always focus on political issues which have made them turn a blind eye to other important developments in the country especially the private sector.

He said although journalists could do politics, they should make sure that, they have to do follow up on the authorities who make promises to the people and make them accountable to them.

?We become too obsessed with politics to the detriment of other vital issues, so there is the need for us to move from obsessive politics to the area of business which is tied to the survival of majority of Ghanaians,? he said.

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industries asked that each citizen of the country to do his or her best to develop the economy.

Dr Spio-Garbrah said if Ghanaians would purchase made in Ghana goods, and appreciate their own culture, then the nation would develop.

Mr Nicholas Jorgensen Gebara, Fund Manager of BUSAC Fund said the least the company could do for private organisations is to support them in a number of ways.

He said the private sector constitutes a higher percentage of development in many countries including Ghana, hence the need to support them.

Mr Gebara advised journalists to allocate space and time on their platforms to discuss issues that would draw the attention of the nation and investors to the impact the private sector is making on the economy.

Mr Wisdom Adongo, Project Officer of Private Enterprise Federation said although, both private and government sector have challenges, they work hand in hand.

?Therefore, we are looking forward to see the government play its role effectively and recognising the role of private sector in the nation?s development agenda,? he said.

He urged the media to give a lot of space to private sector discussions to bring out critical issues that are better meant for private sector development.

Mr Adongo appealed to the government to recognise the critical role and responsibility of the private sector in national growth and implement favourable policies that would help develop the players.

He noted that the informal sector employs about 68.2 per cent of Ghanaians while the public sector employs only 6.2 per cent, therefore there is the need for the media to pay more attention to promotion of the private businesses.


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