The people of Billaw, a farming community in the Lambussie-Karni District of the Upper West Region have made a passionate appealed to the government to assist them to complete the construction of their community centre which started several years ago.
According to the chief of Billaw, Kuoro Fokor Mohammed Hillah, said the project was started with the contribution of citizens of the area not only to serve as a social centre but also to accommodate teachers and other workers who will be posted to serve in the community. Kuoro Forkor made the appealed in an interview with media men.
Kuoro Fokor Mohammed Hillah, who is also a senior military officer with a rank of a Warrant Officer Class One, said the Billaw community is faced with a lot of challenges which need immediate attention by the government and other development partners.
The challenges include lack of electricity, a market reconstruction of bad roads in the area and inadequate teachers and health professionals. He said through communal labour and levy on the people some projects including a dam has been constructed to promote dry season farming. He said this does not mean that the development of the area should be taken for granted.
Kuoro Fokor said though there are health facilities in the area referral of cases it is a major challenge due to lack of an ambulance bad nature of the roads and long distances that patients have to travel to get to health centres.
He called on the government to provide a big health facility in the area to alleviate their suffering.
Touching on electricity Kuoro Fokor commended the Ministry of Energy and the district assembly for providing a transformer and high tension poles to facilitate the connection of the Billaw community to the national grid.
He indicated that the connection of electricity to the area will increase economic and social activities which will ultimately improve on the lives of the people. He gave the assurance that the people are always ready to render communal labour towards any project that is aimed at raising their living standards.
On education the Billaw Kuoro said there were less than five teachers taking care of about five hundred pupils at the primary and Junior high schools. However some teachers and volunteers have been posted to the area to salvage the situation.
He appealed to the government to do all it can to assist the community to complete the community centre which has six rooms to address accommodation problems confronting workers in the area.
BMJ Seidu


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