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Introduction to the place

The Kodanand Elephant training centre in Kerala, India is a peaceful and calm spot amidst the forest. The soothing air and the natural surroundings will make you feel relaxed. The air acts as a soothing balm to your soul, and gives you mental peace. This is one of the few places, which is unspoiled, and has a rustic surrounding.

During the year 1950 – 1960 the Elephants were captured from the forests and brought to this centre for training.

In the year 1970, this practice was banned by the government of India. From then onwards, this centre was used for rescuing and taking care of Elephants. This is the largest training, care and rescue centre in Kerala.

It is situated in the central and southern forest region of Kerala and is along the banks of Periyar River. This centre is at a distance of 42 kilometers from the city of Kochi.

This place attracts a lot of tourist’s attention, from foreign tourists to the film crews.

Tourist attraction

This place provides you with various unique activities that are not found anywhere else. The following activities will thrill you and you will enjoy yourself tremendously.

· Elephant Safari

The tourists will be able to enjoy Elephant safari at the central park.

Here, people can enjoy the Elephants rides. A wooden compartment is placed on the elephant’s back, which is known as Kraal. This compartment can hold up to four people.

· Bathing Elephants

Every morning the Elephants are bathed by the Mahouts, and the tourists are given a chance to help in this morning ritual. This is done by using coconut husk and small flat stone.

You will also be able to see the Elephants bathing themselves. This is a wonderful sight to see and a wonderful experience too.

· Feeding Elephants

The tourists are allowed to see the Elephants when they are eating. This is one of the most fascinating sights, and you will surely enjoy the wonderful experience.

· Watching Baby Elephants

Baby elephants are cute and adorable, and looking at them is extremely entertaining.

Travelling to Kodanand Elephant training centre

Kerala is well connected by roads, railways and airways. Road trip is said to be most enjoyable, as you will be able to experience, the wonderful natural surroundings around you.

Booking a bus for the purpose of travelling is recommended, especially when you are travelling in a big group. This is enjoyable as well as cheap.

You can also buy bus tickets from the nearest bus stand. Booking bus tickets can easily be done through phone or any travel website as well. Online bus tickets are also available, and reservation can be done through the internet.

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