joycelyn dumas

joycelyn dumas

Pretty actress and television personality, Jocelyn Dumas has refuted seemingly growing allegations that she is a snob and that she is not accommodating of her fans.

Showbiz celebrities owe their rise to fame to their talents, hard work and most especially their fans. Experts have said it will be suicidal for showbiz persons to ignore their fans if they want to get to the top.

There have been reports that the Adams Apples star is most often rude and always gives her fans, most especially, a cold-shoulder whenever she is approached.

“Obviously that’s a big lie,” she denied when Myjoyonline posed that question to her. She explained, “I am not snobbish, my fans make me who I am so I try as much as possible to be accessible to my fans.”

The allegations, Jocelyn said, she has heard but emphasized that, “the fact that sometimes you keep to yourself doesn’t necessary make you a snob, sometimes you are just being careful, there is nothing wrong with being careful …”

To her, one might not know who is real and whose is not “so you have to be a bit careful and I think that there is a fine line between being careful and being called a snob and that’s where the problem is, but no I am not a snob at all, I am very friendly, I am down to earth, I am very jovial especially jovial to a lot of my fans.”

Her jovial nature, she said, is one thing she intends not to change “just because I think that I am high and mighty because I am not, it’s just the beginning for me.”

Although she was a favourite face on television hosting television shows, such as Rhythms, Jocelyn’s popularity attained its peak when she got a role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ten-chapter Adams Apples as Jennifer Adams in the series.

True to her accommodating nature, she recounted instances where she had people walking up to her at the mall and at gas stations asking for photo opportunity which she gladly obliged.

“Sometimes I am driving and they ask me and I get out of my car and I take the picture. I can’t say that because I am driving I am not going to mind you. Like I said, the fans are the reason why we are here, they make me who I am, without them I don’t think that my work will be recognized … so they are my number one priority.”

Source : myjoynoline


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