mobile-evolutionIn recent times, there has been a massive increase in the mobile phone brands. I heard that some of these mobile phones are manufactured in peoples? bedrooms. To me, this is not surprising because technology is growing at jet speed and electronic component manufacturing gadgets that used to be bought with billions of currency bills can now be purchased at a low cost. All of these are good for the mobile phone user in bridging the social class gap.

Whereas in those days only the rich could afford a mobile phone. However, presently, anyone no matter their social status can afford one. But with all of these benefits, technologically, ? and to some extent, there is something wrong with the industry, that no one seems to be noticing; they do not have a universal standard for their ports.

You see different phone manufacturers having different ports for audio(headset),? data, video and charging. I do not know if it is because of greed. It seems each manufacturer wants to monopolise the market.To me, the essence of technology is to help human beings perform tasks, especially routine tasks more cost effectively; where cost effectively means:

? Less comparative cost of acquisition

? Less space occupancy

? Massive speed of performing tasks and most importantly, ability to get replaceable parts when they wear out or are damaged.

Any technology that does not take into consideration the above and more components of cost effectiveness is not worthy of implementation.The few years that I have been dealing with technology as a user and a researcher, I have realised, that day-in day-out, researchers and manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers have always found a way or are looking for ways to conform the various ports on the standard computer to a standard; the USB port is one of such typical examples and can be used with many computer peripherals, no matter their functions and brand.

Surprisingly enough, even though a mobile phone is also a computer because it can accept data, store them temporarily for processing, process it, output information and or store processed data for future use or for further processing – but up until now, there is no universal port found on it. A universal port is not yet decided on for the audio, video, data and charging. I am baffled!In conclusion, I believe users can spearhead the agenda to introduce a standard port in mobile telephony industry so that if they buy a headset and a data cable, they can use it on any mobile phone no matter the brand.



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