There is something that needs to be talked about urgently. The health care needs of our country are not being met. Who is to blame? Why didn’t we see this coming? Our last census, whose result hasn’t been fully published, says we about 24 million, without a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:100 000. This is an abomination. It doesn’t necessarily mean one doctor sees 100 000 patients. It means that some people get to see a doctor while others don’t. This is a clear contravention Article 17 of our 1992 constitution, which clearly states that “All persons shall be equal before the law”. So why do some persons get to see a doctor and others don’t? It looks like it’s all summarized in George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “in the animal kingdom, all animals are equal, but some are animals are more equal than others

To add salt to injury, we also violate Article 13 of the same Constitution, which states “No person shall be deprived of his life intentionally”. But this has been happening every day. A lot of our citizens die of unnecessary causes and completely curable diseases just because there wasn’t a doctor to treat them. Does our state exist to protect our interest, or we exist to protect the interests of the state? Or both ways? I think none of these is existent in our scenario. There are some elements in our state apparatus that seem to seek only their interest at the detriment of our country. Somewhere deep in their thought “the fewer the merrier” scrolls continuously.  If only we had telepathy machines…

I think it’s obvious it’s a vicious cycle that has been allowed to continue running for some time now.  Just like good quality education has been denied to a good proportion of Ghanaians so that they can easily be manipulated by the mind games of self-seeking politicians, health care has also been befallen by this evil. Why do you think we they get ill, they jump on planes and go abroad for treatment? If they are the ones that have the money but don’t get the medical attention they think they “deserve”, then what about the rest of us who don’t even have anything – the vast majority of us? As Bob Marley sung, “He who the cap fits, let him wear it”.

For some shallow-minded folks who want Ghanaians to think they are doing something to solve the problem, 250 Ghanaians were shipped recently to Marxisland to be trained as doctors. How were they selected? Scholarship secretariat normally advertises scholarships so how come this time round it was done? Is it that the government knew the 250 students forehand before even getting the “scholarships”? Had we known how much of Ghanaians tax payers money is being shipped to Marxisland for these nameless 250 students to be trained, we wouldn’t have been confortable in the seats we sitting on right now. Did you know these folks will be studying in a university filled up with students from only 2 African countries including Ghana? Of course, who else will allow himself to be cheated this way? Couldn’t we have used that money to aggressively pursue a transformation of tertiary education in our own country? At least, we would provide jobs for our people and keep our scarce US dollars within our borders and not let our cedi suffer so much.

When you analyze this, don’t you think it’s not so difficult to notice something is not right? With all our “booklong” leaders and their “big big” titles, don’t you think they’re wise enough to know what is happening? Why will an educated man leave himself to be fooled? I doubt it. They are conniving with those “fooling “them to impoverish us.  “Ma tricke woo” they say at the end of the day.

Not only are they exporting Ghanaians to Marxisland, they also import doctors (or people who were white coats) into Ghana, since time immemorial, and send them to our villages to attend to our undiscerning village folk, who through no fault of theirs, are also fooled these “doctors”. Did we not deprive the village man of education? How can he tell anything from the other? At least he thinks the white man knows what he’s doing so … Had we known the manner in which they were trained, we would have asked them to sit a licensing exam before allowing them to practice. We pay them huge sums of money as salaries, etc that they quickly ship to their island, more than what we pay a Ghanaian doctor for doing the same work, in contravention of Article 24 of our Constitution (equal pay for equal work). Then later we cry that our cedi is weak against the US dollar.  Cheap things they say cost more.

Like I mentioned, this is a necessary truth. Before you judge, please analyze this article carefully, seeking your own interest first. Outside of our country, no one seeks our interest. We promise to defend the good name of Ghana. These days we don’t need fire arms to defend our cause. We need ideas. Ideas we are seriously lacking. Decide.

Source: Sylence Dogwood.


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