South Africa girls are blessed with not only beauty, but also big ass. The problem is, you will hardly find photos of south Africa big booty girls on the internet. It kinda took me days to put this little post together, but trust me, this little is more than enough for you.

I have made several posts about pictures of women with big butts, and this won’t be the last. There is something about black women with big booty, it has been proven several times that they are smarter and healthier, but they also have some things only they will understand.

In this amazing post about photos of big booty women from south Africa, I will few some amazing photos of SA super hot girls that are making big ass money from their social media fellowship. As time goes on, I will add more booty photo. Enjoy!.

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Meet one of the most beautiful hot sexy South Africa girls, with big booty.: Faith Nketsi


Meet this young beautiful SA girl that goes by the name: Kimberley Kholiwe Cindi.. She is the definition of beautiful girls with big ass. What ever she has done to make her ass bigger, she should just keep on doing it.

one thing I would like you to notice is how old some of these photos are, these girls have been having bigbooty before American celebrities even thought of making plastic booty. these are some real booty. some photos below.:


Meet Refiloe Nketsi. The sister of Nketsi. They are both blessed with big booty that is driving dem boiz crazy. Check out her hot photos.

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Scientists from the University of Oxford have discovered that women with larger than average butts are not only increasingly intelligent but also very resistant to chronic illnesses. According to ABC News, the results found that women with bigger backsides tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar. Therefore, women

And having a big butt requires an excess of Omega 3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development. The researchers also found that thechildren born to women with wider hips are intellectually superior to the children of slimmer, less curvy mothers.

Having a big butt also favors leptin levels in the female body, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the weight, and the dinopectina, a hormone with anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic attributes. The adipose tissue of the buttocks traps harmful fatty particles and prevents cardiovascular disease.

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Eyeonthenut also cites similar studies conducted by universities in California and Pittsburgh not too long ago that discovered that women with bigger butts, wide hips and smaller waists may even live longer as well.

*This study did not include fake butts such as Nicki Minaj’s. 



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