Methodist University College
Methodist University College

Is sad and pathetic but yet true that what started as a rumor is gradually gaining roots and manifesting into a true story.

Methodist University College
Methodist University College

Recently, we the concerned alumni of Methodist University College Ghana indicated in one of the vibrant and widely read online news website that we were not going to spill any beans now but may be pushed to do so should the management continue moving in the bad direction and don’t work to change the current situation.

We also indicated what is going on in our beloved school is not funny anymore and that we were not going to sit down for some selfish greedy individuals to send our school into the woods and tarnish the high reputation the school has rightly earned for itself over the years.

We cannot remain silent for the school to lose the very high quality, high caliber, high pedigree and dedicated lecturers who have helped tremendously to make the school the institution of choice when it comes to private education in this country.

There is a lot to be concerned about giving the intransigence of the current management of the school. Everything seem to be falling on deaf ears and the mismanagement continue unabated.

There is a cause for worry to everybody who wishes Methodist University well. We must all show our love for our school.

If you are a former student of Methodist University College Ghana, you must be concerned.

If you are a church member of the Methodist Church Ghana, you must be concerned.

If you are a past management member , lecturer , academic staff ,founding member or an admirer of Methodist University College Ghana, the current events must be of great concern to you.

We as former students are very concerned and worried about what is happening to our school.

There are some troubles currently brewing at our beloved Methodist University College, Ghana and if care is not taken we will soon be laughing at the wrong side of our mouths.

There won’t be anywhere to call Methodist University College Ghana again and you will have no where to call your university of study again.

Recently we indicated that we were not going to spill any beans but gradually we are going to let the world know how some few greedy people are working so hard to retard the gains and successes chalked so far in the last 15 years since the university was established.

We are calling on the Methodist Church Ghana to sit up and check this ongoing mishaps and mismanagement before it becomes an uncontrollable cancerous tumor to eat all of us up.

We are what we are because of Methodist University College, Ghana made us so and we cannot sit down for our school to be closed down due to the incompetence of a select few.

If you know you are an alumni, the time to speak is now don’t wait till the worst happen before you wear a face of regret, it could be too late by that time.

In these trying times, when the US dollar has ran like Usain Bolt and has refused to wait for the Ghanaian cedi. The management of our school is making our lecturers to pre-finance their transportation but yet they won’t pay them.

What went wrong with Methodist University College Ghana has largely become the topic for discussion whenever we as alumnae meet. The refrain now is “where did our school go wrong?”

It’s hard to believe that, in this trying times, lecturers are forced to owe family members and students causing them repeated episodes of embarrassing moments when they are unable to meet promised date of payments just because administration will never live by its timelines in respect of honoring payments.

Because of how management has mastered the craft of shifting goal post when it comes to salaries and allowances , lecturers are beginning to learn how to dodge the people they owe.

Very soon we shall be doing the following if things remain as they are and don’t change for the better.

1. We shall be organizing a press conference to let the world know how some few greedy people are working so hard to retard the gains of our beloved Methodist University College Ghana.

2. We shall picket at the school premises for ten days on a yet to be announced date and time.

3. We shall have peaceful demonstrations afterwards if we don’t hear anything concrete to help salvage the situation and assuage the pains of the lecturers.

4. We shall advice ourselves on other ways and means of getting this problem solved by hook or by crook.

We do not intend to do anything untoward but if we do not hear anything good from the management of the university then nobody should blame us for taking the law into our hands.

God bless Methodist University College Ghana.

God bless the Methodist Church Ghana

God bless our lecturers

God bless us all.

Methodist University College Ghana

Excellence Morality Service

By concerned alumni


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