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The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has accused government of foisting another economic crime on Ghanaians regarding the purported sale of Merchant Bank claiming there are some unseen hands pulling strings to further the interest of Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, younger brother of President John Dramani Mahama against the collective interest of all Ghanaians.

At a press conference dubbed ?THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW? which was addressed by Anthony Karbo, National Youth Organiser of the party on Tuesday, the NPP demanded that President Mahama helps in unraveling the mystery surrounding the sale of the Merchant Bank.

Read below the full statement.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press, and we are grateful for your presence here today. 

Against the background of the vile propaganda churned out by the incompetent National Democratic Congress government, there is an urgent need for those who have seen the light, to make a conscious effort to stand up to this vile propaganda, especially as the 2012 parliamentary and presidential elections beckons. This has, therefore, necessitated the creation of this platform dubbed ?THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW?. 

Elections as you all know offer us a very unique opportunity to entrust the leadership of this country into the hands of persons who best fit the bill in the management of our country and more importantly its resources. It is for this reason, that the Canadian Political Scientist David Easton defined politics as ?the authoritative allocation of recourses and values?. 

Unfortunately, as a people we find ourselves in a situation where under President Mahama and his NDC government, authoritative allocation of the combined recourses of our country for the benefit of all has been interpreted to mean ?authoritative allocation to those with proximity to government?. 

Consequently, whilst the Ghanaian taxpayer is forced to live under harsh economic circumstances, NDC apparatchiks continue to demonstrate opulence which is unrivalled in our body politic. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the purpose of this gathering today is to focus attention, on what could easily be described as yet another economic crime against the good people of this country. 

Having masqueraded itself on the back of Social Democratic principles to ascend to power in 2008, one would have thought that in government, the NDC was going to protect all state assets with the zeal of religious fanatics. However, after more than three and half years in government, the reverse has mainly been the case. 

Though the actions of the Mahama led National Democratic Congress government, smacks of a betrayal of their own convictions, what is baffling and mind boggling, to us, is the ease with which best practices are thrown to dogs in the sale of these vital state assets. 

To refresh your memory, the Trust Bank, which was arguably one of the most profitable set ups in the financial sector, was with the active connivance of leading persons in the Mahama led government (some of whom are ex-convicts,) fraudulently given away at a songs price in 2011 against all pleas and caution from Ghanaians. 


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, as a party with an unbridled commitment to seeing to the development of the private sector, the New Patriotic Party under the distinguished leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo would be the last to stifle private initiative. 

Indeed it is has been the belief of Nana Addo that Ghanaians should capture the commanding heights of our economy. 

Notwithstanding these, it is important to make a conscious attempt to ensure, that our collective interest is not sacrificed on the altar of pure greed. In view of this, the forum for ?the people must know? is asking President Mahama to help us unravel the mystery surrounding the sale of the Merchant Bank.

The forum wishes to know the following;

? Why has the Merchant Bank been sold in the first place?

? Why Mr. Mahama has blatantly failed to honor his obligations to the bank since the NDC assumed office in 2009.

? Why Mr. Blaise Mankwa, a former Director of Merchant Bank who got sacked by the Board of Directors for facilitating an unsecured loan to the tune of USD46.0Million to Mr. Mahama has been rewarded with an ambassadorial position by President John Dramani?

? Why Mr. Jonas Koranteng Smith, the Union Chairman who was responsible for loan recoveries was sacked after testifying in court against Mr. Mahama?s Engineers and Planners? It is worthy of note, that whiles the Labour Commission has ruled against the dismissal of this illustrious son of Ghana, who decided to be on the side of the masses those who facilitated and orchestrated this gargantuan fraud against the Ghanaian taxpayer, has been rewarded with an Ambassadorial position.

? Why in spite of the fact that, government has denied selling Merchant Bank, no official record has been produced to support the claim of government.

? Why should state institutions like SSNIT and SIC life play lead roles in ring fencing the debt of a private citizen of Ghana?

Ladies and gentlemen, in the light of all these, one would not be far from right to assume that there are some unseen hands pulling some strings to further the interest of Mr. Mahama against the collective interest of all. We therefore wish to place on record, that we will not relent in our oars at getting to the bottom of this matter, because the collective interest of Ghanaians should override any sectional or partisan interest. In this regard, we admonish all to be by the side of the Ghanaian taxpayer.

Thank you.

Source: Communications Directorate, NPP/ Ghana


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