By: Kofi Owusu Adjei.

The reason for dissemination of information to the general public varies from one organisation to another. Some of the reasons are; to create awareness by educating the public, to share knowledge and routes of communication, to cause a feedback example in advertising, and many others.

A lot of Ghanaians want their messages to be heard by its targeted groups in a community or nation. By so doing, they earn up being in the media. The print media is not left out although it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The print media is where people do ‘posters’. Posters are done by almost all kinds of people who want their voices/messages to be heard being it by politicians, religious bodies, family members, educational institutions, workers, just to mention a few.

There are a lot of problems that come out as a result of pasteing these posters in different localities of the country.

The worrying aspect is the fact that we grow as a nation and our way of doing things must be measured up to the growth and as such need to come out with new ways of treating posters in the country as a whole. Our principal streets in the cities must be attractive. But what do see on structures ? buildings, fence walls, kiosk, etc as we drive through our cities?. These posters turn to spoil the outlook and litter our environment. Some concerned members have already shown their views. According to The Students Representative Council of the African University College of Communications (AUCC) on some Monday expressed worried about indiscriminate pasting of campaign posters in the country and asked the various assemblies to enforce the bye-laws on the menace.

The then President of the SRC, Mr Henry Marbell, said in a press release issued in Accra that the students were worried that the ceremonial and principal streets had not been spared.

?The worry has been compounded by the fact that ceremonial and principal streets within the cities have not been spared,? he said.

I happened to witness two people fight when a poster was pasted on a wall of a building. The people said he would not allow the person to paste on the wall and the other person said ‘But everybody has been pasting on the wall?.’ it became a struggle between them and ended up with cursing each other.

A similar situation also occurred between supporters of aspirants who have to remove and replace posters of opponent and its effects. I quote

The reason the supporters of the aspirants went to gum posters of their principals on the streets of Jos in the early hours of that Friday knowing full well that Jonathan was coming and that gumming posters anywhere on the streets, let alone, at the strategic places of the town, is an eyesore and a condemnable act, owing to the fact that posters constitute dirty and litters the environment.

While that act of the aspirants were ignoble, what did Jang wanted to achieve by his supporters been mobilized to remove those posters and replace them with his? And this resulted in fracas between those aspirants’ supporters and the mobilized Jang thugs. This showdown resulted in the damages of property and unconfirmed reports of casualties.

In addition, the movie industry also has been pasting naked or expressed part of human bodies which to me is not good for our future generation to watch. Its effect is that our children would practice what they see. Although not every child would practice, some would eagerly go for the movies which are not meant for children and watch privately. Sometime past, the media through some radio stations protested against undesired naked bodies in posters in the cities of Kumasi.

Some years ago, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) issue a warning by a notice to the general public in the ‘Daily graphic’ on pasting of posters on the electricity poles in the country. People’s life stands a high risk of danger in putting up of posters on these poles.

Ghanaians must care on the menace and come out with possible solutions for the country, since the print media cannot be left out totally in communication of messages to the general public.

I am of the view that, the Metropolitan assemblies, Municipals, District assemblies should enact laws and see to its enforcement on regulating pasting of posters in the principal streets of the cities and towns.

At Strategic locations or bus stops be it in the Metropolitan assemblies, Municipals, District assemblies part can be designed to have modern posters boards. The assemblies mentioned earlier should be ready to support this construction using part of its budgetary allocations. They would need to contact experts who have vast knowledge in the design and construction of posters boards. Someone within its locality would be put in charge for a small fee for pasting a poster, so that the monies would be used for its maintenance or repairs. The person in charge would have the mandate to check the quality of information reaching the general public. Our towns and cities can be like ‘tertiary institutions’ where information on the print media reaches members only available at vantage points.

By so doing, the country would have a clean and healthy environment to attract tourist.

Kofi Owusu Adjei
Kumasi Polytechnic, Kumasi
[email protected]


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