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Dr. Tom Mbeke-Ekanem
As you would notice below, yesterday is already history. Today is still evolving; and tomorrow is locked in mystery. The arrays of yesterday’s deeds and blunders cannot be undone. But today’s deeds could have been improved upon in recognition of yesterday’s blunders, while tomorrow’s deeds could be made flawless or near perfect using the prism of the previous days’ blunders. This is assumption based on mental acumen of the perpetrator.
Let’s look at the yesterday’s blunders of our imperial governor. As we embark upon our daily activities today, activities of which some are just starting while some are already in full swing, depending on our schedules and geographical locations. How can say, a psychopath improve on the flaws of yesterday by doing what? For a psychopath such improvement would mean unleashing more terror and watching rivers of tears roll down his victims’ faces. That’s to him is improvement! For a repressive and imperialist leader, improvement would be unleashing more pain to his citizens and would-be colonies.
About a couple of weeks ago, some brat came up with a thrash on my person. As expected, the agents of darkness who drink from the evil cup became excited. They called me all kinds on names in the book. I know some of them did this just to get the attention of the imperialist government in Akwa Ibom. Yes, we know that times and things are tough. Economy in many places has gone “south”. A lot of people are jobless and are barely hanging on. There is free money in Akwa Ibom. All that is needed is for one to swear or declare an allegiance or oath to criminality and then is cleared to join the bandwagon.  Some are even willing to sell their souls. Today, we just learn one of Akpabio’s key agents is coordinating the assassination of Akwa Ibomites in U.S. What next! If I am one of the victims, so what?
It wasn’t long ago, some of us in United States were branded terrorists for criticizing a government for the yesterday’s blunders. My hope on any criticism is  that wisdom would be given a chance to thrive for sunshine and the cooling moonlight to be introduced into the lives of the people who over many years are stuck in the fringe of twilight of sorrow and happiness.
The event of the last two days perpetrated by the government of Akwa Ibom State in United States has turned even the late Col. Ghadaffi of Libya into a near saint. This action does not surprise many. As to why a governor would be advised into this mess remains a mystery. Why would a governor cross the Atlantic ocean to hound his citizens? If a crime has been committed as alleged, is that a state’s responsibility? Is that not a federal government function? Is that not United States government function? Does Gov. Akpabio understand that his Nigerian immunity does not cover him in U.S.A in view of all the blunders of his government? Perhaps, Gov. Akpabio does not know that this country knows a lot about Gov. Akpabio, yes Gov. Akpabio, than Gov. Akpabio knows about Gov. Akpabio himself!
His agents here in U. S. stand to enrich themselves with Akwa Ibom money, money that would have been used to pay salaries that have not been paid for months. This must have been the number one reason why these agents talked him into this mess with Ibibio indigene in United States. As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same; some things never change.


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