climate change
climate change

The CEO OF Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF), human rights and anti-corruption media advocacy foundation, Raphael Godlove Ahenu Jnr. has expressed worry about how world leaders are handling climate change issues in developing countries.

According to him, developing countries need international assistance to support adaptation in the context of national planning for sustainable development, more capacity-building and transfer of technology and funds.
He said Systematic planning and capacity-building are also needed to reduce the risk of disasters and raise the resilience of communities to increasing extreme events such as droughts, floods and tropical cyclones.
Speaking at News Conference in Sunyani, Mr. Ahenu Jnr by the year 2020, up to 250 million people in Africa are projected to be exposed to depleted water resources and malnutrition could be exacerbated as yields from rainfall agriculture could be reduced by up to 50 percent due to effect of climate change.
The CEO therefore stressed the need to help reduce tropical deforestation and forest degradation, which account for as much as 20 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.
He said financing to improve forest governance to in turn enhance countries ability to monitor and verify deforestation and provide incentives for forest preservation is very crucial.
Mr. Ahenu Jnr continued that for measures to be effective and sustainable, these incentives would need to include social standards and safeguards that ensure an equitable sharing of benefits as well as protect the rights and livelihoods of indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent communities.
He noted that climate change posses an unprecedented challenge for the world especially for the least and developing countries.
According to him, taking actions now is urgent because, the impacts of climate change are already worsening the problems faced by the world?s poorest people.
Mr. Ahenu Jr said making investments in the efforts of developing countries to tackle the challenges of climate is critical to global stability and security, saying funding for adaptation in developing countries must be sufficient and sustained.


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