Deputy Interior Minister Kobby Acheampong has raised alram of the increasing disturbances of the NPP supporters at Obra Spot in Accra.He has warned the leaders of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to make sure their supporters behave well as the party seek redress at the Supreme Court.

According to the thousands of NPP supporters who occupied the obra spot on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 2012 election was rigged by the NDC and the EC.They are poised to occupy the area until the Supreme Court overturns the declaration of the EC chair.

However, Mr.Acheampong has cautioned against such act by the NPP supporters,reiterating that the security forces are running out of patience as the crowd keep trooping to the spot. He has called on the NPP leadership to address the issue because they will be held responsible for their actions when all this is over.

I still dnt know why the supporters of the NPP are trooping to the area even though their leadership have resorted to court to seek redress.The leadership of the party will be held responsible for the actions of their supporters when it is over like Laurent Gbagbo


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