ON Wednesday, January 16, 2013 something awful and despicablehappened at the precincts of the Supreme Court which must never be repeated nor encouraged. This was the day the court was going to hear NDC?s joinder application involving the plaintiff, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the respondents, President John Dramani Mahamaand the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, in the matter of the disputed 2012 presidential polls.

THENDC in its joinder application had prayed the court to allow it participate in the adjudication of the matter because according to the party, it sponsored President Dramani Mahama. So that day was for the Supreme Court to decide whether to grant the NDC its joinder application or not.

BUT what did we see. Even before the matter was to be dealt with by the Supreme Court some militant NDC youth had stormed the forecourt of theSupreme Court with canes and whips ostensibly to beat members of their political rivals?the NPP. Indeed reports even indicated that some NPP members in their party?s T-shirts were beaten.

FOR us at Today,that incident was regrettable for our democracy. And, in fact,it does not do any good to our democracy?rather it takes a lot from our fledgling democracy. And on that sad score we at Todaycondemn, in no certain terms, those NDC members who went with canes and whips to the Supreme Court to put up that dastardly act. We add without any demur that their action was barbaric!

WE expect all well-meaning and peace-loving citizens of this country to also condemn the action by those NDC supporters. We however find it interesting the explanation by the NDC General Secretary, Johnson AsieduNketia. Mr. AsieduNketia, was reported to have stated that those who stormed the court in NDC T-shirts were sponsored by the NPP. So the question then is why will the NPP sponsor people to beat its own members?

WE at Todayexpected Mr. AsieduNketia to condemn the act and call on the security agencies to investigate the matter instead trying to offer thatexplanation that obviously did not wash with many Ghanaians including members of his own political party.

TODAYalso blames the armed police personnel on duty that day for being ?gentle? on those thugs. How can the police claim indifference in a matter of legality versus illegality which in this case involved men in NDC/Mahama T-shirts assaulting innocent citizens including a teenager and a pregnant woman who had nothing to do with the on-going legal battle?

TODAY cautions that the much touted mantra that Ghana is a beacon of peace and democracy in Africa could become afacade if state institutions like the police will not be firm, but will become appendages to political parties in power. We expect the Ghana Police Service and all the security agencies to always live by their motto: Service with Integrity.


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