Lamar Odom and Khlo? Kardashian?s marriage has been?rocked by two major cheating scandals in less than four months.


In the new issue of?In Touch, on newsstands now, LA entrepreneur Jennifer?Richardson???one of the alleged ?other women? ? sits down for an in-depth interview about her yearlong relationship with the NBA star.


The mistress tells?In Touch?she?believed that?Khlo? became aware of their?affair at some point and they wanted her out of the picture so the clan had her followed.


?They had?private investigators following me?for weeks,? claims Jennifer. ?I was?very, very intimidated and scared.?


In April, just days after their affair ended, Jennifer saw Khlo? at a Clippers game. Jennifer sat courtside, while Khlo? was two rows behind her with mom Kris. ?Khlo? never said a word to me,? Jennifer recalls, ?but she kept cutting her eyes at me. That?s when I knew she knew.?

Jennifer believed Khlo? was having Lamar trailed, too.


?She?s constantly looking for Lamar and?trying to find out where he is, calling?him, calling his assistant,? says?Jennifer. ?Lamar would just hit ?ignore.??


She claims Khlo? would call the Staples Center ? where Lamar?plays for the Los Angeles Clippers?? to get details on his schedule,?and even used his iPhone GPS to?track his whereabouts. ?Khlo? and?her mother caught him with another?girl before me,? she adds. ?That?s?why he went back to a BlackBerry.?




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