A new book, “The JOURNEY OF LIFE: Where are you heading to? “ has been launched successfully in Accra, with the core aim of re-echoing the “true” message of the kingdom of God .

According to the author, Evangelist Richmond Agbesi Richardson, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the book to remind the world of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“Lord Jesus coming again “!!! “The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of GOD is at hand; repent ye believe the Gospel” Mark 1:15.

“As human beings we are all visitors on this earth so after death where are we heading to? So basically, that is all about this book,” he explained.

The book which has eight chapters, with 38 pages teaches Christians how to flee away from sin. How to have a cordial relationship with God as a believer and also how to pray as well.

However, he advised all and sundry especially all Christians to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ since the time is due.

The Founder and General Overseer of Jesus Faith and Teaching Ministry Prophet Peter Omari, commended Evangelist Richmond Agbesi Richardson,for coming out this well-written piece that detailed the essential things one must focus on with regard to the message about the kingdom of God and salvation.

This he said, the book would help reshape the thinking of Christians and allow them to constantly reflect on the message of salvation.

However, he urged Christians to be steadfast and prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The book was launched by ITRUGod publication and YOUTH4CHRIST Ministry in collaboration Jesus Faith and Teaching Ministry.


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