Andre Olandi, MD of WaterVille

The Woyome saga continues to play out in forms which are anything but acceptable. A few days ago, Ghanaians had the discomfort of being insulted by the Managing Director of Waterville in a so-called air clearing press conference.

The display of outright impudence could not have been possible but for the free range offered the Italian by politicians and public officials who do not find anything untoward in mortgaging their birthrights.

The handling of the Woyome saga by President John Evans Atta Mills so far leaves observing Ghanaians with no option but to wonder whether they are in a dreamland of sorts.

President Mills and his former Attorney General, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, have sold Ghana for a pittance and so when crooks jump at the opportunity offered them to treat us the way they did, we can only blame our kind for our predicament.

The complex legal labyrinth, which was the Woyome saga, when it broke, has with time become a simple story within the ken of the ordinary man.

Sincere Ghanaians would not accept at this stage the roof-top arguments being adduced by some queer characters to launder the iniquitous action.

Even as we continue to manage the emotional wound of the financial rip-off, Andreas Orlandi, Managing Director of Waterville, hosted a press conference to throw scum at our intelligence in a manner we find completely insulting and devoid of deference for the people of this country.

He spelt out the role of his company in the smelly deals so that Waterville would be extricated from the criminal entrapment.

We do not want to go into the details of the transactions as presented by the Italian, suffice it to point out however that the receipts alluded to underscore how a developing country such as ours has been financially hemorrhaged.

Mr. Andreas Orlandi not only sounded gibberish during his arrogant submission, but also took things for granted, thinking that he has all Ghanaians in his pocket.

He had the effrontery to teach us the law as it pertains to contracts in his impudence-laden presentation. We cannot blame him. After all, our own public officials and politicians supported him to throw dust into our eyes so the ownership of Michelleti, Consar, Waterville by Ernesto Traconi will be lost on us. As things stand, we are unable to tell the whereabouts of the man Ernesto Traconi, owner of the aforementioned companies. The nonsense borders on racism and it is appalling.

Mr. Orlandi could not have enacted the crap in his native Mafia-controlled Italy. Here we are in Ghana at the mercy of the bloke and others like him because those into whose hands we have entrusted the management of the affairs of the country have failed us by compromising their positions in the most obscene fashion.

The absurdity of it all, as we go globe-trotting, bowls in hand, for small mercies will for long haunt us as a people long after justice has taken its course.

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